Heavy bleeding affects most women during and after childbearing years. If left unchecked, heavy bleeding affects your ability to exercise, sleep, and walk comfortably. Dr. Christopher K. Quinsey offers advanced diagnosis and treatment for heavy bleeding at Christopher K. Quinsey MD P.A. If you need Lake Mary heavy bleeding treatment, visit Dr. Quinsey for personalized management of heavy bleeding through hormonal management or surgical interventions.

Who Has Heavy Bleeding?

Normal menstruation lasts for two to seven days and produces a maximum of eight tablespoons/ eighty millimeters of blood. You can manage normal menstruation using sanitary products like tampons or pads every two hours or more.

In case of heavy bleeding resulting from uterine bleeding, you have to change sanitary products within an hour.

On average, the menstrual cycle takes twenty-eight days. In some cases, a cycle that takes twenty-one to forty days is within the normal range. Bleeding beyond the regular cycle indicates the availability of abnormal growth or underlying condition that needs immediate attention.

Visit Dr. Quincy if experiencing symptoms like:

  •       Large blood clots
  •       Bleeding while pregnant
  •       Bleeding beyond the normal cycle
  •       Unexplained bleeding between periods
  •       Bleeding accompanied by fatigue or dizziness
  •       Bleeding between periods
  •       Bleeding after menopause

If you have concerns about heavy bleeding, consider the number of sanitary products you need to complete a whole day without leaks and embarrassment.

Causes of Heavy Bleeding

Heavy bleeding may result from:

  • Cancer. Ovarian, uterine, and cervical cancer is likely to affect parts of the female reproductive system. If unchecked, you may report heavy bleeding.
  • IUD problems. The IUD is a T-shaped birth control inserted by a specialist into the uterus. If the insert shifts out of place, you may experience heavy bleeding.
  • Miscarriage. The sudden loss of a pregnancy before twenty weeks of pregnancy causes physical and psychological pain. In case of heavy bleeding during pregnancy, Dr. Quinsey determines whether your pregnancy is still intact.
  • Uterine fibroids are non-cancerous growths that appear in the uterus in childbearing years. Seek medical attention to avert unpleasant symptoms like heavy bleeding.
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Treatment Options for Heavy Bleeding

At Christopher K. Quinsey, MD, Dr. Quinsey handles heavy bleeding through hormonal and surgical treatment options. Dr. Quinsey considers your symptoms, family and medical history, and conclusive test results to determine the specifics of your condition.

Dr. Quinsey may recommend hormonal treatments like birth control pills to minimize menstrual cramping and reduce blood loss. For heavy bleeding orchestrated by hormonal imbalances, you may benefit from progesterone tablets.

You may qualify for minimally invasive surgical procedures in case of ectopic pregnancy, uterine fibroids, or cancer. Dr. Quinsey specializes in minimally invasive surgery that reduces heavy bleeding and offers long-term relief from uncomfortable menses.

Other Services Offered at Christopher K. Quinsey MD, P.A.

You may also visit Dr. Quinsey for a fully personalized approach to;

ü  Birth control

ü  Pregnancy

ü  Menopause

ü  Gynecology

ü  In-office ultrasound

ü  In-office procedures

ü  Infertility

The Final Word

Detrimental effects accompany heavy bleeding on your holistic well-being and financial budget. If you have heavy bleeding in Lake Mary, Florida, your nearest solution is available at Christopher K. Quinsey MD, P.A.