After the extreme heat, the monsoon brings a breath of fresh air, bringing a fragrant, happy mood, and of course the desire for tasty food. During the monsoon, the dim appearance becomes vibrant, surrounded by bright green, and the fragrance fills your senses. In order to enjoy this season in an unforgettable way, we bring you a list of must-eat foods this rainy season.

A variety of dishes can be served during the monsoon period, but are usually not available during the rest of the year. Therefore, exploring and tasting all these delicacies in the rain is a delicious experience. Below you will find a comprehensive list of foods you must try during the rainy season.


Cakes are an integral part of every occasion. Order your favorite flavored birthday cakes from a quality pastry shop in Mohali and enjoy the monsoon-like never before, without worrying about your health! If it’s your loved one’s birthday in Monsoon, there is no better gift than sending yummy cakes via cake delivery in Mohali.


When the weather gets crazy and the aroma evokes your senses, use cutting tea to enjoy the feeling of life. This beverage is better than all other beverages in terms of monsoon. Whether you are standing on the street or in a building, the combination of rain and tea will definitely improve your mood and make you feel very comfortable.


Momos are one of the best foods for rainy days. This delicacy comes directly from the culinary paradise and is perfect for people who care about their diet and want to stay safe on rainy days. Although momo is a traditional cuisine of Nepal, momo stalls can be found in different states of India throughout the year. But when it rains heavily, a hot plate of momos seems to be a heavenly joy.

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Ice Cream

If you are crazy and believe in all craziness, then the cold in the cold should be your choice. Chocolate chips, butterscotch, fruity, or waffle ice cream are the perfect solutions to cheer you up during the monsoon.

Jamun, Plum

Fruits like Jamun or Plums should definitely be part of your daily diet. Jamun has a sweet but slightly sour taste: the juice made by Jamun also contains bioactive phytochemicals, which can reduce the risk of liver disease. On the other hand, hot and sweet plums are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.


When we heard the word “Pakoras’ ‘, our mouth was filled with water. Monsoon and Pakoras have a wonderful connection. When the weather is clear, we are always looking for Pakoras and desi masala Chai. What a wonderful combination this is. Pakoras is an Indian dish that almost all Indians like. Well, there are many kinds of Pakoras.

Fresh Fruits

Pears, peaches, plums, papaya, apples, and bananas are said to be good choices during the monsoon season. Avoid using jackfruit and other very strong-smelling fruits, and try to avoid eating mangoes after rain. If your friend’s anniversary is coming up in Monsoon, you can send them a fresh fruit basket and make your friends anniversary special.