Dark Circles Treatment In Singapore – What Causes Dark Eye Circles?

In cartoons, we see characters with dark patches under their eyes after a lack of sleep and exhaustion. It is not some cartoon exaggeration because it happens in real life. It is so common that people undergo dark circles treatment in Singapore to get rid of them.

Here are the possible reasons why people have dark circles around and under their eyes:


People with allergies often develop dark circles around their eyes. This condition is called allergic shiners, and they are pretty harmless. Allergic shiners happen because of the congestion of the nose and sinuses. Discolouration occurs when there is reduced blood flow in the tiny veins under the eyes.

The best way to get rid of allergic shiners is to prevent allergies. You can take an antihistamine or wear a facemask to protect yourself from allergens.


Sometimes, the dark circles around the eyes are not pigmentation or discolouration at all. It could be a shadow due to sunken eyelids and cheeks. Dehydration causes the skin to sag and sink, especially if the skin is hollow beneath such as the cheeks.

In this case, the best dark eye circles removal in Singapore is drinking plenty of water each day. It will rejuvenate and improve the elasticity of your skin.


We all know that the skin gets darker when exposed to the sun. It is because the skin produces more melanin when exposed to UV rays. Melanin protects the skin from UV rays. It also gives pigment to the skin.

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Hence, when you frequently expose your face to the sun, there would be discolouration, especially under the eyes. The best aesthetic clinic in Singapore can help you remove dark circles with their treatments.

4. AGE

As people age, the skin becomes thinner and sagger. Besides the shadow from sunken eyes, the thin lids make the dark blood vessels more visible on the surface of the skin. Hence, it gives a darker appearance.

You cannot reverse the effects of ageing, but you can certainly delay it. For instance, applying sunscreen on the face reduces skin damage and slows down skin ageing due to damage.

Drinking a lot of water also maintains the skin’s elasticity, so it is vital to stay hydrated all the time. Furthermore, receiving treatment from an aesthetic clinic in Singapore can help a lot, too.

Evaluate yourself. Which of these culprits are you guilty of? Perhaps it is the reason why you have dark circles around your eyes.

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