Daniel Snyder Combines Football and Philanthropy

While many people know Daniel Snyder because of his passion for football, he is also a leading entrepreneur in the business world and a noted philanthropist. This self-made man originally grew up in Washington, D.C. He grew up watching Washington Football games with his father, and these early experiences inspired him to purchase the Washington Football team in 1999.

Since he purchased the franchise, the team has risen to prominence. Washington Football is one of the most valuable sports franchises in the entire world. In addition, it regularly raises millions of dollars each year for charitable purposes.

Becoming a Community Leader and Philanthropist

After Dan Snyder purchased the franchise in 1999, he decided to create the Washington Charitable Foundation a year later. Today, this foundation works to bring together community partners and corporations to help young people in the D.C. area. Since it first began, the foundation has worked on community outreach, youth development, health issues, education and wellness goals. Throughout its history, it has given back a whopping $29 million to the community.

In 2019, the Washington Charitable Foundation held more than 115 workshops and special events for young people in the area. These events were designed to boost literacy rates among fourth and fifth graders. In addition, some of the workshops focused on health and wellness programs. These wellness programs helped more than 12,000 seventh graders enjoy a better quality of health.

During 2019, the Washington Charitable Foundation also increased the size of its Loads of Love program. The program adds laundry facilities in non-profit groups and schools so that homeless children can do their laundry. This program helps to remove barriers that stop children from coming to school. Already, there are more than 80 schools and organizations that have a laundry center from Loads of Love.

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Supporting Global Philanthropy

Daniel Snyder also supports philanthropic causes outside of the United States. In 2004, Indonesia and Thailand were hit by a horrible tsunami. Snyder helped coordinate aid and disaster relief. Following Hurricane Katrina in 2005, he also gave aid to affected communities.

In 2016, Hurricane Matthew devastated the Caribbean. In response, Snyder created an air delivery system to bring emergency supplies to the islands. Two players from Washington Football flew down to personally deliver medical supplies to Hospital Bernard Mevs in Haiti.

Other than supporting disaster relief, Snyder is also a member of the board of directors at the Children’s National Hospital Foundation. He is a key supporter of the Snyder Family Emergency Medicine and Trauma Center. Snyder is also an avid supporter of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). His donations funded the building of the NCMEC’s Daniel M. Snyder and Family Communication Center. This center is responsible for answering calls from runaways, law enforcement groups and parents of missing children. Because of their work with NCMEC, Snyder and his wife were given the Charles B. Wang International Children’s Hope Award.


Achieving Justice as a Community

After the murder of George Floyd in 2020, Snyder gave $250,000 to a grassroots campaign that seeks to increase awareness about social injustice. Previously, Washington Football donated $35,000 to help restore the historic Ashburn Colored School after it was vandalized in 2016. Originally built as a one-room schoolhouse, this school ran from 1892 to 1957.

More recently, Snyder has worked to help the people of Prince George County. Following an outbreak during the COVID-19 pandemic, he created a testing site with the Maryland National Guard. Because many families were economically affected by the crisis, he also gave $100,000 to the Capital Area Food Bank.

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Helping the Military Community

In addition to his other charitable causes, Daniel Snyder also supports the American military. In previous years, he created a military appreciation club at Washington Football. Known as Salute, this year-round program supports the military through re-enlistment ceremonies and pre-game parties. Salute also hosts appreciation events throughout the year.

Snyder has also supported individual veterans as well. In 2016, Snyder worked with the Gary Sinise Foundation to create a smart home for a military veteran. This smart home was later given to a veteran who was paralyzed during his military service.


Nurturing At-Risk Youth

Over the years, Dan Snyder has worked to support at-risk youth and families as well. In 2010, he was given an award for his work by Beacon House. This non-sectarian organization is devoted to helping at-risk youth and their families in Washington, D.C.

During the same year, Youth For Tomorrow also gave him the Distinguished Leader Award. Snyder was a key supporter of the organization’s year-round program to help 900 at-risk and homeless children in the region. As a part of his support, Snyder donated to help Youth For Tomorrow create a residential school and counseling center in Virginia.