Can the Baby Sleep in a Baby Swing?

          From the crib to feeding chairs and toys, one may never want to compromise on the comfort of the baby. From the same list of gadgets, we have the baby swing. If your baby enjoys its swing, then chances are he/she might have at least once slept in it. 

However, have you ever wondered is it really safe for the infant to sleep in a baby swing? Doctors and pediatrics organizations have declared it unsafe for the babies to sleep in a baby swing. It might come as a shock to some parents who might regularly depend on the baby swing as a sleeping place for their babies. With research from, let’s find out precisely what makes these swings risky to be used as a bed.


  • Prolonged sleep


Pediatrics and concerned global health organizations suggest that it is unsafe for the infant to sleep in the baby swing for long periods. Thus, they advise the parents not to depend upon the baby swing as a sleeping bed for their babies. Sitting in upright positions as in baby swings for prolonged periods makes it difficult for the baby to breathe. Due to the lack of oxygen, the chance of suffocation or SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) for the baby increases. 

  • Sitting position

Babies have trouble positioning their heads due to insufficient muscle strength. A baby swing does not provide appropriate hip and back support to the baby that may make it hard to breathe for the baby and may lead to suffocation.


  • Sleep deprivation
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Another issue related to the baby swings is the lack of sleep for the babies who become too dependent on their swing. Firstly, prolonged periods of sleep in the baby swing may cause strain on the body of the baby due to inappropriate sleeping position.  Secondly, if the baby becomes too attached to its swing, it may have trouble sleeping elsewhere, for example, the crib. In both scenarios, the baby may be left deprived of sleep.


  • Unsupervised sleep


Although it is completely safe for the baby to enjoy a few moments in the baby swing yet the session should not be unattended. Make sure that you are around while the baby rests in the swing, even if you are busy at something. They may have trouble breathing or could tip over anytime. 


  • Blankets and pillows 


Don’t place any blanket or pillow with the baby in the swing. Any extra load on the baby may make it difficult t for him/her to breathe. Also, keep the baby strapped firmly while in the swing, whether it is in motion or not. The chances for the baby to tip over are always there. 


Making a baby fall asleep using the swing and making the sleep in the swing are two very different scenarios. Baby swings will help to put your crying baby to peaceful sleep with much ease. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s safe to leave the sleeping baby in the wing for long hours or the entire night. Once the baby falls asleep in the swing, you can transfer the baby on a flat surface like a bed.  Therefore, it is best not to leave the baby sleeping in the swing overnight.

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