A Huge Opportunity for Online Content

The rise and success of online platforms is certainly nothing new, some of the biggest platforms have been enjoying enormous success over the past decade and only strengthened throughout this past  year as many turned to online streaming as their primary form of entertain. But recent news throughout the past few months has strengthened the position for online content as an opportunity has risen for success.

The big change has come following the announcement from two big movie studios – both Disney and Warner Bros – as both have stated the intent to focus on their individual streaming options. Warner Bros is set to have a number of big releases throughout 2021 including the likes of Dune, and the Matrix 4, but have stated they plan on releasing these blockbusters directly to streaming platform HBO Max alongside cinema release, with Disney also stating they are committed to the success of their own platform Disney+ with the release of both Mulan and Hamilton directly to the platform forgoing their own theatrical releases, and to huge success too.

(Image from hackernoon.com)

Other platforms such as Netflix have stepped up their own game too as it will be releasing one new release every week throughout the year, totalling 71 movies throughout the year showing how the platform has grown throughout the past year and looks to continue growing throughout 2021 too. Other online streaming platforms such as Twitch have also found a strong footing throughout the year as the rise of live content creation has been very successful, and the growth of esports alongside it as many fans turning away from traditional sporting during cancellations, with growth in esports betting through sites such as https://esportsbetting.site/ for example. The unique opportunity in many ways has been primarily made possible due to the increasing amounts of time many of us have spent at home throughout the past year, and with 2021 looking to follow a similar path at least throughout the start of this year in the early months, it continues to provide an ongoing unique opportunity.

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It also begs the question of what happens if this newer approach is successful – if both HBO Max and  Disney can show that online us not only a viable adjustment but has much higher potential than the struggling cinema industry, then many other studios may look to follow suit as a more permanent and widespread switch to online stream could become the norm. Universal had managed great success in early 2020 with Trolls, but with the only information being relevant is the ongoing pandemic during that time, 2021 will be the marker for whether or not this can be successful in the long run, or whether or not it is a temporary measure only suitable for current times.