A Beginner’s Guide To Volunteering Opportunities


Everyone would agree that even though life is short, every second counts. Carpe diem, as the Roman poet Horace famously exclaimed. This expression means seize the day in English. Besides doing what you want in life, nothing beats the joy of helping others. 

Any unselfish deed— no matter how small—can make a difference in anyone’s life. Over a billion individuals are now participating in volunteering opportunities not just in Singapore but across the globe.

If you plan to become a volunteer soon, knowing what you should and should not do can help you do your job well. In that case, take note of the dos and don’ts below.

Your Guide To Volunteering Opportunities In Singapore And Other Countries

The Dos

Find The Right Non-Profit Organisations

Volunteering comes in many forms. For example, if you want to help foster children kindle their relationship with their newly found parents, doing fostering work in Singapore is what you should do. 

Remember that before becoming a volunteer, you must first determine what you are passionate about and what kind of assistance you would like to provide to others.

Arrive On Time

Once you join a volunteering programme, try not to be late on the day when you will volunteer. Your leader from your chosen non-profit organisation will not wait for you until you arrive. If they do not, there will be many people who will be disappointed. 

Talk With Other Volunteers

Becoming a volunteer means helping others together with other volunteers. They are just ordinary people like you that want to do something for others without waiting for something in return. 

Know When You Step Back

No matter how much you fall in love with helping other people, you should not forget to help yourself. Self-care is as crucial as selfless service. In that case, consider managing your time well and determine when you will provide your volunteer service and get enough rest for yourself.

Learn The Language

Volunteering at family service centres doesn’t only happen in Singapore but also in other countries. Some non-profit organisations also extend their volunteering activities abroad to help the needy. 

In such cases, consider learning the language where you will volunteer. Doing so should help show your interest in volunteering and make the local people smile more. 

The Don’ts

Discuss Anything Politics And Religions

Whether you volunteer in your home country or abroad, you should avoid discussing politics or religion. These are sensitive topics that can offend anyone, even if you are simply expressing your thoughts.

Point At People With An Index Finger

Another thing you should not do as a volunteer is pointing your index finger at people because it is disrespectful. If someone asks for directions, try extending your entire palm in the direction you would like to point.

Give Hugs To Strangers Randomly

Regardless of volunteering opportunities in Singapore that you are participating in, you should randomly hug strangers. Even though you intend to give comfort, some people might misinterpret your actions. 

Are You Ready To Become A Volunteer?


If you are ready to volunteer, look for volunteering opportunities in Singapore. Go to PPIS’s website and discover what ongoing campaigns you can join and work on as a volunteer.