4 Practical Air Compressor Tips For Safer Operation 

If you ever bought an air compressor or air receiver tank in Singapore, it’s vital to be cautious and safe when using such equipment. Whether it’s for your home projects or working in an industrial environment, accidents could happen, and risks are present. Your equipment can bolster your working condition, but it is critical to take proper safety precautions.

If you have an air compressor in excellent shape, taking a proper approach to usage can aid your work. Proper maintenance also goes a long way in preventing more problems and performance issues from occurring. Here are a few tips to consider to avoid injury and ensure a risk-free experience when working with an air compressor:

Check The Hose Fittings

Your hose connection can get dirt and dragged while you use your air compressor machine. It is mostly the case for many individuals working on a home project or construction. Debris can also cause harm to the piston. Loose fittings, on the other hand, can also cause damage or performance. You don’t want to end up looking for an air compressor repair in Singapore. You want to maximise your use of an air compressor unit without any risk. Also, you might want to spot leaking hoses/connectors since they can be dangerous.

Always Wear PPE Gears

PPE gears remain vital. Wearing safety gloves and goggles, for example, will provide you with impact resistance against debris and pressurised air. Particles can bounce back towards the operator, which can cause serious eye injury. Even if you are working at home, you still must secure yourself against the risk of injuries when using an air compressor system.

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Inspect For Oil Leaks

If you have an air compressor and are planning to use them, be sure to check for any damaged parts in the connector and the equipment. There’s a good chance that if you find something, it will likely cause oil and air leaks. If you do, do consider opting for an air compressor servicing in Singapore. Oil and air leakage can be dangerous since it can cause air compressor components (including the hose) to blow up due to fluctuating pressure.

Opt for Pre-Operation Checks

The best way to secure yourself (apart from wearing PPE) when using an air compressor while maximising per use is by conducting pre-operation checks. Before you use the equipment, check various equipment and see if all works properly. Be mindful of tracking any issues and have a checklist including components that require more inspection and maintenance.

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