What Are The Different Ways to Toast Bread?

The common way to make a piece of bread is by toasting it. By toasting, you could make the bread firmer and changing its flavor. Nowadays, most people toast bread using a toaster. Get bread toasters for a bargain price at bestbargains.lk.

 If you often use it too, you might get a bit bored of this mainstream way. Well, do you know that there are some different ways to toast bread? Here, they are:

Toast bread and make a sunny side up at once

The first way is suitable for those who are in a hurry because you can get two results in one go. The first thing you need to do is to make a 1.5 cm diameter hole on your piece of bread and spread some butter on both sides. Pre-heat the skillet pan with a tablespoon of butter or cooking oil. When the pan is quite hot, put the piece of bread in the pan.

For the first side, you can wait for one up to two minutes to get the crisps and the brown color you want. Flip the bread, and then crack an ego immediately on the hole of the bread. Sprinkle some salt and Peppers to make the toast tastier. Slightly turn down the heat, so that the toast will not get burned. Wait for two up to three minutes or until the white parts look set. Voila, here is your toast bread completed with the sunny side up.      

Toast bread on an open fire

In many ways, this is the easiest way to toast bread. All you need is just some pieces of bread, fire, and a tool to hold the bread. Campers mostly often use this way to get toast bread outdoor. If you want to make toast bread using an open fire, here are some tips you need to know. 

  1. It is best to prepare a toasting fork. If you do not have it, you can use a clean tree stick. Tongs can be used, but it can leave untoasted parts on your bread. 
  2. Do not put the bread too close with the fire. Otherwise, the bread gets burned without your notice.
  3. Focus, because the high temperature of an open fire cannot be adjusted. It can make your bread get burned easily if you do not watch it properly. 

Toast bread using iron or hair straightener 

Three are many types of utensils at home. Using them, can you think of different ways to toast bread? Iron and hair straightener is the answer. Start by preparing the bread you want to enjoy by slathering butter or jam. Then, wrap in aluminum foil. After that, turn on the iron or hair straightener and wait until it gets hot enough. Lastly, press down the iron or hair straightener strongly on the wrapped bread.

Those are some ideas on toasting bread in different ways. Apart from them, do you have other different ways to toast bread? Whatever the ways, the main point is the taste. Adding some toppings could make your toast bread way tastier.