Why Use An Induction Cooker?


Induction cookers have been a trend lately because more people change their gas stoves into this high tech cooker. Instead of sticking into gas stoves, why use an induction cooker? Before answering the question, it is better to know their differences first. Basically, the difference between the conventional gas stoves and induction cooker lies on the heat transfer process in both appliances. Find the best price on induction cooker in Sri Lanka.

The gas stove uses the radiation process to transfer the heat from the fire that gas Products. Meanwhile, an induction cooker transfers the heat produced by electric supply through the ceramic top plate. In short, the gas stove requires fire, but the induction cooker does not. This difference benefits induction cookers in some ways which are:

  1. Safer use

The absence of flame is one aspect that makes the induction cooker safer. The heat will only occur right under the magnetic pot, so other parts of the cooker will not be hot or even burn something. There will not be any leaking gas which can trigger an explosion because the induction cookers use electricity as its main supply.

The cooktop is automatically getting cool when the cookwares are removed from the cooker. This will avoid the hands getting burned during cooking time. Some types even use a magnetic knob to turn on/off and adjust the time and the heat. The knob can be put away from the cooker separately. Therefore, the chance of kids getting accidents in the kitchen is low. 

  1. Eco-friendly appliance
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When you ask people ‘why use an induction cooker?’ eco-friendly is mostly the answer. People have been using fossil energy for a long time and now is the time to use alternative and renewable energy. Electricity as the main supply of this cooker can come from alternative energy. On the contrary, gas stove uses LPG which comes from fossil energy.

Moreover, induction cookers are more efficient and produce less heat waste. It is because only certain cookwares could trigger the heat. The heat also is only focused on the pan bottom part. There will not any excess heat to warm up the kitchen like a gas stove.

  1. Space and time saving 

Compared to the gas stove, induction cookers has a relatively smaller size with 5 cm of height and 60-90 cm of width. The width depends on the number of hobs. With the size, your kitchen will not get cramped. Though it has a smaller size, an induction cooker is equipped with timer and heat control features. 

You could cook with an exact time and heat. The transferred heat spreads equally at the same temperature making your food cooked evenly. The heat also does not a long time. As for the example, one-liter water boils less than three minutes in induction cookers. While liter water boils in seven minutes using the usual gas stove.   

Now, you know the answers to why use an induction cooker? If you want to find more benefits, just put one in your kitchen. Your cooking time will be more enjoyable and safer. 

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