Telugu Movies For All Ages

Telugu Movies For All Ages

Telugu film industry has seen many developments over the past few decades, and today it is a significant industry in the country. Thanks to the talent and skill of new directors, technicians, and actors who took the industry to another level. Telugu film industry has witnessed a remarkable change from making conventional formula films to path-breaking movies. Today, many Telugu films are either dubbed or remade in several other languages of the country. The new Telugu films are breaking all the barriers and stereotypes. The present new films are made with good quality both in terms of storytelling and filmmaking. Let’s look at some brilliant new Telugu movies that came over the last few years and its streaming on aha.

Mental Madhilo: An indecisive young man finds it difficult to choose between two things. What happens when he is stuck in a situation where he has to choose between two women. Vivek Atreya directed this cute love story, and Sri Vishnu, Nivetha Pethuraj, and Amrutha Srinivasan played the lead roles. 

Krishnarjuna Yuddam: Two lookalikes Krishna and Arjun are united by fate to defeat a local gang and find the love of their lives. Nani played a dual role in this film.

Anukunnadi Okati Ayinadi Okati: Four unapologetically strong-willed women hailing from different worlds decide to reconnect with each other on a road trip to Goa for a friend’s wedding. But will their friendship stick when a fun night meant to let loose goes horribly wrong, and all of them end up in deep trouble?

Savaari: A clash of coincidence leads Raju, who rents his horse Baadshah for weddings, to meet Baagi, who decides to run away from her wedding in search of true love.

Moodu Mukkalo Cheppalante: A quirky business idea changes the life of two friends who quit jobs to start the venture. Here’s a romantic comedy you can’t miss!

Seeta: Based on his uncle’s promise made years ago about protecting Sita, Ram readies himself at the monastery and is thrilled when Sita comes to see him, but she seems to be nowhere interested in the promise, let alone him.

Raja the Great: Raja, a young man with visual impairment, takes it upon himself to protect Lucky after a gangster attempts to kill her. Impressed by his courage, Lucky falls in love with Raja, which throws big challenges for him and must overcome them.

NOTA: Varun is forced to become the chief minister of state when his father is imprisoned and loses his chair. After becoming chief minister, he realizes his power and decides to change society and politics with the support of his advisor Mahendran.

Ninnu Kori: A married woman invites her former lover to stay with them with the hope that he will erase her memories by seeing her leading a happy life. Nani and Nivetha Thomas played the key roles.

Majili: Poorna, an aspiring cricketer, falls in love with Anshu, but unfortunate circumstances cause the two to separate. In a state of depression, Poorna agrees to marry Sravani, and after an epiphany of understanding Sravani’s unrequited love, Poorna must choose between his past and present.

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