Covid-19 is a disease that is caused by a highly contagious strain of coronavirus that was discovered recently. It is a condition that causes a wide variety of symptoms that can be life-threatening and pose certain risks to certain groups of people. Otsego lab tests offer covid-19 testing options like molecular, antigen, antibody, and PCR testing. Therefore, if you begin experiencing covid symptoms or have been in contact with an infected person, you can seek medical help before the symptoms worsen.

What covid-19 lab tests are provided?

Covid-19 lab tests are performed in an independent laboratory specially designed to provide you with accurate and timely results. The lab should also have a clinical laboratory improvement amendments certificate of waiver from the Minnesota department of health, which is a certificate to allow them to use the advanced testing tools available, therefore enabling the specialists to provide you with quick, accurate, and on-site covid-19 test results.

How to get a covid-19 test?

Below are some of the instructions to follow:

  • Start by booking an appointment online
  • Ensure you get to the facility at your scheduled appointment time
  • Wait in the line that leads you to the swabbing tent
  • Remain in the line as you continue to pull forward until you are swabbed
  • After obtaining the swab, wait for your results after a few minutes
  • Manage your short-term plans depending on the results obtained

What happens during lab tests for covid-19?

Various instructions are provided for your covid-19 lab tests, whereby you are required to arrive at the testing site at the scheduled time. You are also required to remain and follow the signs posted regarding swabbing. A shallow, nasal swab is inserted into your nose and swirled around during covid-19 lab tests. The specimen is collected from both nostrils.


After collecting the specimen, the staff provides information and instructs you on how you are going to get your results. Antibody and antigen results are available within a few minutes. However, PCR test results are usually available within twenty-four to forty-eight hours because the specimen is sent to an off-site lab for processing.

What is group testing?                                               

Group testing is testing performed in the laboratory with the aim of protecting the community. It is because, in most cases, large gatherings and events can lead to a covid-19 outbreak. Therefore, group testing prevents your gathering from turning into a covid-19 spreading event. The care team uses advanced tools and technology to test for COVID to enable you to get your results quickly.

Who can get group testing?

The care provider offers you event group testing and on-site employee testing. The lab can accommodate events, or for group gatherings, can create a personalized plan for all group testing needs. It can also provide on-site testing for child care providers, daycare, and all types of gatherings, including personal affairs, conferences, and large meetings. The facility can also provide some benefits to a family that is planning on going on a trip or taking a vacation. It is because, at your destination, you will be required to provide proof of a negative covid-19 certificate on arrival or before taking your flight.

Therefore, if you or someone close to you is experiencing some covid-19 symptoms or has been in contact with a covid-19 infected person, visit GatherWell today for testing.

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