India vs list of countries with fastest broadband speeds

The internet has now established itself completely over our lives. We are now connected to the web all the time, be it from our smartphones, laptops, tablets, gaming consoles, and even cars. It has also helped us immensely now that our broadband connections are so fast. But wait, how do you know that your broadband is fast without having a reference point? You might hear your current internet service provider say 30 Mbps or 40 Mbps is fast, but do you know how much faster broadband is in other countries?

10 countries with fastest broadband internet speeds

  1. Iceland
  2. Liechtenstein
  3. Andorra
  4. Taiwan
  5. Luxembourg
  6. Japan
  7. France
  8. USA
  9. Singapore
  10. Spain

As you can see, the residents of Iceland enjoy the fastest internet speed in the world on their broadband connections, where the average speed is 216 Mbps. To put that into context, you will probably need 3 minutes, at most, to download a 5GB movie in Iceland.

Let us also have a look at some of the countries where you get the slowest internet.

10 countries with slowest broadband internet speeds

  1. Turkmenistan
  2. Timor-Leste
  3. Yemen
  4. Guinea-Bissau
  5. Afghanistan
  6. Equatorial Guinea
  7. Somalia
  8. Ethiopia
  9. Eritrea
  10. Tajikistan

Turkmenistan is the country with the slowest broadband connection, where the average internet speed is lower than 1 Mbps. Downloading a 5GB movie here will take you more than 14 hours. In addition, you will not be able to watch YouTube videos in HD here either. However, all is not gloomy in these countries. They are steadily working towards better internet services, and, with time, they will probably get out of this unimpressive statistic.

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Where does India stand in all this?

According to a recent report from Ookla, which conducted a survey of broadband speeds of all countries, India ranked at the 79th position. The report also mentioned that the average Wi-Fi connection speed in India is 48.59 Mbps. While this is not the very best when it comes to rankings, it is certainly not bad by any metrics.

Now, do you have a broadband connection that is better than the average speed or at least near it? Time to check it via the speed test internet. The speed test will tell you how much bandwidth your internet connection provides you along with detailed information on upload and download speeds, ping, and more.

In case, you observe that your internet speed is not up to the mark, then we suggest going for an upgrade. With the right broadband service provider, you will never have to worry about the internet speed on your devices. And you will never have to worry about network downtime again. Going for a dual-band router for your home will also help with internet speed.

With the right connection, you can use the internet for endless purposes, not worry about how to download videos from Twitter quickly or how to stream movies in HD quality.