More people are getting cosmetic procedures, and the industry is growing tremendously. If you plan to undergo a cosmetic procedure, you should have a Santa Clarita, CA board certified physician do it. The reason is that there are risks to cosmetic procedures, just like any other medical procedure.

However, due to the high success rate of cosmetic procedures, many people overlook the necessity of evaluating their doctor’s accreditation.

There are several risks of undergoing a cosmetic procedure which include:

Poor Outcome

Just because you undergo a cosmetic procedure does not mean that the results will be favorable. Countless factors can affect the outcome of the situation.

You should thoroughly understand this risk before you decide to pay for any cosmetic procedure. Regardless of how high the success rate has been in the past, there is still a slight risk that the procedure will have a different effect on you. The worst-case scenario is whereby you look worse after the procedure than you did before it.

Therefore, you should ensure you get the procedure using insurance as you might have to undergo a corrective one.


One of the most common unintended consequences of cosmetic procedures is scarring. When performing cosmetic procedures such as surgery on the skin, the damage is always a risk, which means scarring. In most cases, the risk of scarring can be controlled, especially with state-of-the-art equipment.

However, it would help if you never forgot that things could go wrong, and cosmetic procedures can leave you with a massive scar as a result of trying to improve your skin. You can prevent scarring in various ways, for example, not smoking and eating correctly before the procedure.

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Following the doctor’s instructions during recovery is also paramount.


Any medical procedure that involves making an incision on the skin bears a risk of infection. Infection occurs when harmful bacteria infect an open wound.

Most cosmetic procedures have little risk of infection because only minuscule incisions are made into the skin. These incisions heal quickly, but it also depends on you and how well you take care of the wounds. You should wash your hands often and ensure you dress the wounds suitably. It would be best if you also stayed in a safe and clean environment until your wounds heal completely.


A hematoma is a collection of blood outside a blood vessel. Hematomas occur when a blood vessel is punctured, especially after surgery.

A hematoma appears as a swollen or bruised body part with a pocket of discolored blood underneath it. If you have swelling or a bruise that is continually becoming discolored, you should seek medical attention.

Most hematomas are minor, but others can be large enough to cause you debilitating pain. In other cases, a hematoma may restrict blood flow in a blood vessel, leading to a host of issues.

If you have a hematoma, a surgeon will remove the blood using a syringe. They may also have to perform a minor surgical procedure to repair the damaged blood vessel.