Many people consider living in the countryside only in the golden years. Research indicates that living in the countryside is beneficial to physical and mental health. An example of the countryside is new homes Palm Coast FL-based and Daytona Beach new homes. The city life tends to move fast, while the countryside offers a slow and peaceful life. The environment is greener with abundant trees. Phytochemicals which are cells improving from fungi, microbes, and plants, help to clean the air.

Benefits from living in the countryside are:

Access to organic food

One can get fresh milk, fruit, eggs, and vegetables directly from the source in the countryside. Low-income families in the countryside can spend less on high-quality food. The abundance of organic foods prevents illness that is associated with harmful pesticides. In the city, foods are produced in large volumes, hence more exposure.

Better mental health

According to research, living in an urban environment overstimulates some regions of the brain that regulate anxiety and emotions. In the countryside, the brain is unlikely to behave similarly as there are decreased factors. Urban living also increases the risk of schizophrenia. However, this doesn’t mean that living in the countryside will prevent mental illness and disorders.

Lower crime levels

Living in the countryside is a good bet if you are looking for a place with a lower crime rate. The ratio of police to residents is higher in non-metropolitan areas than in metropolitan areas. Moreover, the numbers game favors rural areas as they are less populated. However, crime can still occur in rural areas.

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Moreover, the living costs in the suburbs are cheaper than in the city, and the costs drop in the countryside. The percentage difference is 12% between urban and rural areas. The transportation costs and social amenities such as medical care are significantly low in the countryside.