3 Things To Consider Before Buying Waterfront Property

Living on the water is a dream come true for many. From placid lakes to sandy beaches, waterfront property affords its owners great views and access to fishing, boating, and all manner of watersports.

However, owning a house on the water involves paying attention to details not required of landlocked homes. Here are three things to consider before buying waterfront property.


Just as home buyers have a potential residence inspected before they sign the papers, prospective owners of waterfront property must inspect structures in or bordering the water. These constructions include docks, piers and boat slips.

A regular home inspector may offer to inspect these waterfront structures, but hiring an inspector who specializes in marine inspection services is the better choice. He or she will know the laws and regulations and whether or not the property needs work to be up to code.


Owning waterfront property delivers more fun, but it also comes with more responsibility. The type of insurance depends on the elevation of the home and whether it is on the ocean or a lake.

Typically, damage to a waterfront home is due to flooding. Hence, the key piece of information to find out from the inspector is whether the property is in a flood zone. Likewise, ocean front property is more vulnerable to dangerous weather systems than most lakes, and thus will require a more substantial policy.


Where to live is usually the first consideration when thinking about buying waterfront property, and it still is. At the same time, knowing the basics about what type of inspector to hire and what insurance policies cost will keep dreams realistic.

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With that in mind, potential waterfront property owners should consider the size of their boat, and what are their family’s favorite watersports. After all, the perks are the  reason to live on the water.