Why You Should Opt for Veneers to Correct Your Dental Issues

Why You Should Opt for Veneers to Correct Your Dental Issues

If your teeth are unappealing, it could lower your spirits and make you have awkward moments in a social setting. Some hard to whiten teeth, teeth prone to cracks, and misaligned teeth might be treated with dental veneers. If you have these teeth, you have likely been researching a solution to your dental issues. You should find a dentist who specializes in dental veneers in Waterford who can answer all your questions. First, read about the application of veneers and their benefits to your dental health.

What Are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are thin porcelain wafers permanently placed over teeth to mask different dental issues such as discoloration and crookedness. You can choose to get a veneer for one tooth with an issue or over multiple teeth depending on the severity of your dental problems. Your dentist will work on your veneers to make them mimic the rest of the teeth’s natural shape and make them more aesthetically appealing.

Benefits of Getting Veneers

  • Protects and strengthens your teeth

When you place veneers over the teeth, it seals off cracks and weak root canals, which could worsen when left untreated. The veneers reinforce the strength making your teeth healthy, and preventing future dental issues that could arise from existing dental problems.

  • Can help manage spaced and crooked teeth

If you did not have an opportunity to get braces that straighten teeth at the formative stage, veneers can be an option to manage poorly spaced and crooked teeth later. Moreover, the veneers will give you instant results, unlike the braces that take almost two years to straighten teeth.

  • Repairs damaged and decayed teeth

Broken teeth can make you look older than you are; moreover, they can predispose you to decay and other dental problems. You can fix broken teeth using veneers as the dentist will work on them to resemble the other teeth’s shape.

  • Improves dental discoloration

Whitening your teeth to look pearly white can be difficult as the issues mostly arise from the root canals. Sometimes the real cause of discoloration might not be known, and unfortunately, it can make your teeth dark and unappealing. Fortunately, you can mask the discoloration using veneers and achieve a glowing smile.

  • It can realign misshapen teeth

Misshapen and unattractive teeth can make you lose your confidence; fortunately, the dentist can shape these teeth to look natural. After shaping the teeth, they might become sensitive, and to avoid sensitivity, dentists will mask the teeth with veneers.

  • They are hard to stain

Veneers are hard to get coffee or wine stains; unlike your natural enamel, it will save on the money you would use on whitening. Moreover, since they are hardy, they will protect your teeth and give you value for investment.

The Bottom Line

Veneers might be the dental masks you need for your dental issues as they work for discolored teeth, misshapen, and crooked teeth. The dentist will work with the teeth’s natural shape to apply veneers on the teeth and give you a bright natural smile that leaves you feeling confident about your appearance.

Daniel Pauly