Why Wooden Balusters Are An Ideal Option For Your Staircases 

Why Wooden Balusters Are An Ideal Option For Your Staircases 

Balusters are the slender poles attached under the railings of staircases. Commonly known as spindles in the States, balusters have been a constant design piece since the early 1700s. Although the designs of most wood balusters have changed throughout the years, there can be no doubt it’s one of the most preferred choices when it comes to stairway railings.

Staircase balusters not only uplift the aesthetic value of the home but also add a traditional touch and enhance the beauty of the house. Since many in America prefer wooden houses, installing wood balusters will be just the cherry on top. Being extremely decorative, customers can choose from an array of colour options to match the house’s interior decor and, at the same time, maintain only a small footprint. It’s one of the reasons why wooden balusters are often found in many elegant spaces and posh homesteads.

Things To Consider When Opting For Wooden Balusters:

  1. Since they are often deemed as the more traditional choice of staircase railings, they are more suited for giving the house a rustic and contemporary look that highlights that craftsman-like feel. Wooden balusters add to the warm aesthetics of the house and enhance the heavy look that goes well with most traditional designs.
  2. Customers can also mix wooden balusters with their iron counterparts to bring in more possibilities in design. Since wood goes well with most decors, there is virtually no shortage of options that homeowners can go for, and the combination of materials will open the house to more versatile patterns and other designs.
  3. Stairs and balusters are some of the most eye-catching parts of a home, so don’t be afraid to spend a tad more on keeping the design elegant and stylish. Baluster designs must reflect the personal interests of the homeowner and the overall aesthetics of the house. If it doesn’t, there will always be a mismatch that won’t be visually pleasing to look at.

Wooden Balusters And Their Benefits:

  1. Installing wooden balusters is considered the most comfortable option out of all the other alternatives in the US market. The warm feeling of the wooden rails will make it easier for people to traverse up and down the stairs, making wooden balusters a viable option for staircase railings.
  2. Wooden balusters help increase the safety of staircases by holding the railings firmly in place for people to lean on while going through the stairs. Having the support of a railing will make it easier for people to gauge the depth of the stairs better and balance themselves without any risk of tripping or falling over. Add balusters to strengthen that safety net for residents to rely on when they move about the stairs.
  3. Compared to the cold and drab looks of iron or metal, wood is warm and pleasant, and it is easy to customise too. Being highly versatile, customers can get them turned into a design or shape that they see fit and can even blend them with other materials to suit the decor of the house.

Wooden balusters are a great feature for grand stairways typically seen in foyers. Finely detailing the balusters will give them an eye-popping look that will complement the foyer. Aside from wood, glass is also a great option, and it’s perfect for homeowners looking to add a contemporary rustic feel to the house.

Plan and find what works best for the home!

Ishat Narain