Why Ultratooth Is the Best Option for People Over Traditional Implants

Why Ultratooth Is the Best Option for People Over Traditional Implants

It may not be possible for every one of us to have beautiful teeth for life long. Even if we are born with the best smile in the world, the oral health and appearance of teeth depend on various factors. Despite brushing teeth regularly, flossing, and going to your doctor on a regular basis, you are likely to experience gum disease, tooth decay, and injuries to your teeth at one point in your lifetime. If you have met with an accident and lost a tooth, you need to go for West Hollywood Ultratooth

Traditional Dental Implants vs. Ultratooth

Traditional dental implants have been popular as a replacement tooth that looks just like the natural tooth, which fuses to the jawbone. A person feels like having a natural tooth rather than something being implanted. With professional cleanings and at-home care, the tooth may last for a long time. In a traditional dental implant, the titanium takes several months to fuse to the jawbone while with ultratooth the implantation is instant. 

Benefits of Ultratooth

Here are some remarkable benefits of getting an ultratooth:

Instant restoration of smile- Due to the design of ultratooth, the implantation takes place on the same day. The four contacts of the ultratooth help it to secure in the surrounding bone. That’s why it has become more popular than ever before.

No waste of time- With this procedure, you don’t need to visit the dentist’s clinic several times. It can be performed in a single sitting. You can go to the clinic with a missing tooth and come out with a complete set of teeth. There is no hassle of taking appointments one after another. It saves a lot of your valuable time. Moreover, after the tooth has been replaced, you can carry out your daily activities without any issue.

Enhances Bone Density

This procedure reduces bone loss and improves bone density. When you lose your teeth, the bone loses its grip and strength.  If you don’t replace the tooth, the bone will become further damaged. With the help of ultratooth, the bone does not loosen up because the support never goes away.  As compared to traditional implants, the bone density remains intact with ultratooth.

It is strongly recommended to get in touch with a reputed and experienced dentist who can check your teeth and offers the best solution for your condition. You can regain your smile and feel confident more than ever before.

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