Why Should You Have a Family Doctor?

Why Should You Have a Family Doctor?

Covid-19 has made us realize how important it is to have a family doctor that is familiar with your family‚Äôs medical history and is dependable at the time of emergencies. For the good of your family’s health, it is necessary that you have somebody like Dr. Raj Kandavanam as your family doctor.

If you don’t have a family doctor and are not convinced that you should have one, you should read these amazing benefits that come with having a family doctor:

  • One great advantage of a family doctor is that they can attend to patients of all ages, whether they are infants or adults. They are experts in a wide spectrum of medical requirements, this makes them the right fit to be your primary care doctor for life.
  • Finding a good doctor that you can have a great doctor-patient relationship can be tough, having a family doctor can save you the trouble of finding a doctor to go to every time you fall sick.
  • A medical condition can be handled better if the doctor is aware of your medical history and has an understanding of your health. If you have a family doctor, they are well aware of your medical history because you have been going to them all your life.
  • For the correct and early diagnosis of any disease, it helps a lot if the doctor monitors your regular health screenings closely as happens in a family doctor’s clinic.
  • For any doctor-patient relationship it is important that the patient is able to communicate without hesitation with the doctor, if you have had the same family doctor for years, you develop a great rapport with your doctor. It will help the doctor in better diagnosis and in deciding the course of the treatment.
  • In case anybody from your family comes in contact with a disease that needs to be tackled by a specialist, then your family doctor will recommend the best to you.
  • Your regular health checkups with a family doctor help you in staying healthy and also in managing chronic issues like diabetes in a better way.
  • Covid has ushered the new age of telehealth; not that it did not exist earlier, but it has become increasingly common given the situation. While you are consulting a doctor over a telephonic device, seeing a familiar doctor at the other end of the line really helps in communicating clearly.

Having a family doctor makes doctor visitations very easy, so, you should certainly have a family doctor that can help manage your family’s health in a better way.

Ishat Narain