When Do You Need Eye Urgent Care?

When Do You Need Eye Urgent Care?

There are many reasons why you need to visit your eye doctor for annual eye checks. However, there comes a time when you have to call your doctor to schedule an urgent visit. Some eye conditions can result in more severe complications if left unaddressed, potentially leading to permanent loss of vision. In some cases, a vision diagnosis can go beyond your eyes and point towards a severe systemic disease. Pain is one of the reasons why you should schedule eye urgent care in Hell’s Kitchen, as it can point towards inflammation or infection, which needs immediate treatment for better chances of recovery.

Do you need to see an eye doctor for an urgent appointment? Here are some emergencies where you should pick up the phone and make that call.

Traumatic Eye Injuries

Eye emergencies include various conditions and incidents, but they primarily result from accidents. An eye accident means that something has gotten into your eye, but you also need to seek immediate medical attention if you have a burn or an injury around the eye area. Severe injuries can result in redness, swelling, sensitivity to light, pain, and double vision. Failing to get treatment for eye injuries can result in partial or permanent loss of sight. You can reduce swelling and pain after an eye injury by applying a cold compress but not pressure on the eye. If you puncture or cut your eyelid or eye, do not wash or remove any item penetrating the eye. Cover the affected eye with a strong shield, such as the bottom half of a paper cup.

Chemical Burns or Foreign Bodies

If a chemical gets into your eye, flush it out with a saline solution or water for about fifteen minutes. If you have contact lenses, try to remove them before washing them. Do not bandage the affected eye or try to neutralize the chemicals with other chemicals. If you have a foreign object in the eye, do not rub it and let your tears wash it out. If the particle does not wash out, keep the affected eye closed and bandage it lightly before seeing a doctor.

Apparent Vision Changes

You should address any noticeable or sudden vision changes immediately. In most cases, vision changes indicate a corneal or retinal defect that can lead to permanent vision loss if not treated. They can also be symptoms of nerve damage, stroke, or other severe neurological issues. Suppose it comes with headache, pain in the temples, pain after chewing, fever, and hip pain. In that case, it may indicate temporal arteritis, which causes damage or inflammation to the temporal arteries that supply blood to the brain and head.

Different Size Pupils

If your pupils have different sizes, you may suffer from pupil anisocoria. You can have it from birth or develop it due to an underlying condition or direct eye trauma. It can also be a symptom of different diseases such as head trauma or other neurological problems like a brain tumor or stroke.

In summary, eye urgent care comes in handy due to different circumstances. You may have to schedule an emergency appointment with a doctor due to other size pupils, noticeable changes in vision, chemical burns and foreign objects, and traumatic eye injuries.

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