What you should know about sleep care

What you should know about sleep care

Everyone would want a goodnight’s sleep after a long day in the office. A night of good sleep is very healthy, especially if someone has had a rough day. A perfect sleep is good for you and your partners, either the wife or children. People who snore a lot at night will give their partners difficulties in finding rest. These sleeping problems have made rise to exceptional medical attention that helps significantly in solving them. Barry Chase DDS offers different medical services that deal with sleeping problems ensuring you get a perfect sleep. Please book an appointment to get your help today.

What is Oral Appliance or CPAP?

These are oral machine appliances commonly used in therapies for people suffering from sleep apnea. The two machines work differently but provide the same results: an individual gets better breathing, wakes up fewer times throughout the night, and receives overall improved health.

How does CPAP solve sleep apnea problems?

The CPAP machine is generally used to deliver a consistent flow of pressurized air through the airways. This airflow is made possible by using a flexible tube primarily attached to a face mask covering the nose. The CPAP pressure ensures that the airways do not collapse, reducing or eliminating the apneas and pauses in breathing. The result is that an individual gets sound sleep without disturbance or remaining fatigued.

What are the benefits of CPAP?

The use of CPAP comes with several benefits. They include the following;

  •   Better overall health as it solves all sleep disorders which may affect the heart.
  •   It reduces the risks of diabetes.
  •   It reduces cases of headaches.
  •   It improves the mood of a person.
  •   An individual recovers more energy during sleep.

How do Oral Appliances solve sleep apnea problems?

Oral appliances fall in the dental devices group and can be used by a dentist and sleep apnea specialists. It is the best alternative when the CPAP is not helping in solving sleep apnea problems. Oral appliances work by ensuring the airways remain open when an individual is sleeping. It is also used by patients with excess throat tissues or long tongues that are disturbing them when sleeping. When an individual’s airway is open and the air is flowing freely, they will have a night’s sleep free from apneas disturbance.

Which is the best method to solve sleep apnea problems?

Research shows that CPAP therapy is preferable to oral appliances in almost every situation. However, the best sleep apnea treatment widely depends on several factors. These are;

  •   The type of sleep apnea an individual is suffering from.
  •   The severity of the sleep apnea.
  •   The sleeping position of an individual.
  •   The lifestyle of an individual, such as traveling.
  •   The level of comfort when using the CPAP.
  •   The budget and insurance.

In conclusion, sleep apnea is a condition that many suffer from without knowing that there could be rectifying treatment. Therefore, if you are having problems during sleep, consider the two options to solve your sleeping problems significantly.

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