What You Ought to Do When Considering Breast Reduction Surgery

What You Ought to Do When Considering Breast Reduction Surgery

It is common to feel insecure and uncomfortable if you are a large-chested person. However, you do not have to live with the feeling to the extent of lowering your confidence and self-esteem. Breast reduction surgery is one effective way to reduce your breast size, but you ought to be careful with the choice. You can look for the best aesthetic surgeon in Atlanta to learn more about the procedure and learn if it is most suitable for you. If surgery is your best option, here is what you should do.

Consult Your Doctor Adequately

Any surgery is not a piece of cake, and you should be sure it is the right path you want to follow. Before concluding that breast reduction surgery is the suitable option to help you attain your aesthetic objectives, it is good to consider other options first. Note that some factors contributing to your breast size do not require surgery to correct or may complicate your surgical procedure. Therefore, choose your time to talk to your doctor and evaluate all factors around your breast size to ensure you are not taking a potentially dangerous path for your breast reduction.


It is good to do your research before going for a breast reduction surgery appointment with your doctor. It will help you be adequately equipped with relevant questions to help you understand more about the procedure from your doctor. Also, it will give you ample time to explore more about the facility you are considering offering the service and the particular provider to be involved in the entire process. This will help you know that you can trust your provider, who can boost your confidence and improve your experience.

Consult With Your Provider

When you are ready to go for the treatment, book a consultation with your trusted provider to understand more about the treatment. Your provider will elaborate on the different methods available and help you understand the results you can expect. When you are confident with the provider, you can plan for the appointment, and your doctor will offer you specialized instructions for your preparations. Remember not to choose any provider as a poorly qualified one can easily give you very bad-looking breasts.

Understand the Risks Involved

Your provider should let you understand all the risks associated with breast reduction surgery to help you make informed decisions. Some risks are common with any other typical surgery, but some are specific to breast reduction surgery. Note that you will be at a higher risk of infections, scarring, unusually shaped or uneven nipples, and inability to breastfeed. Therefore, ask your doctor what can be done to lower your chances of encountering the risks.

Accept It Shall Be Permanent

Understand that breast reduction surgery cannot be undone, and it would be good to accept the permanence before getting the procedure. This is a major issue should the procedure be poorly done, and that is why it is critical to go only for the best providers who have extensive experience. You might come to love yourself just the way you are and eliminate the need for surgery. But if you accept it and you can trust your provider, you are good to go.

Remember to take your time to understand breast reduction surgery to help you make informed decisions moving forward. Reach out to John David Mullins, MD, PC, today and book your consultation appointment. Your provider will evaluate your needs and assess your medical history to help you understand if you are suitable for the treatment. 

Daniel Pauly