What to Expect From Your Neck Lift Surgery

What to Expect From Your Neck Lift Surgery

As you get older, your skin tends to become looser. This – along with fat buildup – can cause your neck to sag and jowls to develop. Fortunately, a Scarsdale neck lift will completely remove this loose skin and excess fat from your neck to leave you with a much smoother and slimmer profile. It will also improve and correct aging signs in your neck and jawline, making you look younger. Below, we review this age-defying procedure and what you can expect before, during, and after it.

Preparing for Your Neck Lift

Before your neck lift surgery, your doctor might give you some recommendations like asking you to:

  • Stop taking aspirin or other blood-thinning medications like warfarin, heparin, and ibuprofen several days before your surgery.
  • Avoid smoking before the surgery since smoking tobacco promotes skin wrinkling and slows both the healing and recovery process.
  • Arrange a ride home after your surgery and ask someone to stay with you the first night after the procedure.

They might also have other instructions tailored to your medical history and the number of procedures you will be undergoing. It helps to understand that neck lifts are often performed together with other procedures like eyelid surgery and brow lifts. 

Pre-Procedure Consultation

Before you have a neck lift procedure, your doctor will consult with you to discuss your surgical goals and expectations. They will also evaluate your health to decide on the surgical method that works best for you. Moreover, your doctor might suggest other additional procedures such as eyelid surgery, brow lift, or skin resurfacing – all aimed at improving your overall surgical results.

Neck Lift Procedure

Normally, a neck lift can be done with local anesthesia and sedation – where only a part of your body feels numb – or under general anesthesia. Liposuction is the most frequently used neck lift procedure. The surgeon makes a tiny incision behind each ear and under the chin and, using specialized equipment, suctions the fat from the jawline and beneath the chin, leaving you with a more defined neck. However, liposuction will not correct any structural problems that contribute to your neck’s appearance. Your doctor will have addressed this during the consultations.

After the Neck Lift

After your neck lift procedure, you are likely to have swelling and bruising around the surgical area. Therefore, you might need to wear a special garment that will compress your neck and reduce swelling. You will also be required to avoid twisting and bending your neck.

Dr. Schwarcz typically removes his patients’ stitches at their one-week checkup, and by then, the surgical site is usually healed. Nonetheless, it might take up to six months for your incision lines to fade, so be gentle and watch what you wear.


If you feel that your neck is aging quicker than you would like, consult Robert M. Schwarcz, MD – one of the 500 surgeons admitted to the American Society of Oculofacial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons. Dr. Schwarcz guarantees you a safe and effective neck lift procedure that will leave you with a beautiful and youthful profile. For more information about his services, feel free to call his office on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in Scarsdale, New York, or book an online appointment today.

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