What To Do After Severe Water Damage

What To Do After Severe Water Damage

Being prepared for a future water emergency is key to being able to deal with the problems that arise after water damage occurs. It can be extremely stressful to handle a flooding event from weather or pipes bursting, which means having a plan in place can ensure you have steps to take when you’re overwhelmed. Here are some of the things you need to do after you experience water damage in your home.

Call Your Insurance Company

Depending on your homeowner’s insurance policy, water removal services Mesa, AZ may be covered after a water damage event. An insurance adjuster needs to come out to see the damage to determine if the repairs will be paid for. If you live in a flood zone, make sure you have flood insurance on your policy for an emergency event. Not all policies include flood damage.

Protect Yourself

If you need to leave your area because of flooding, make sure to turn off the electricity. Do not enter your home if there is water and the electricity is still on. Wear rubber boots if there is standing water in your home to prevent bacteria from entering your body.

Identify Mold

Mold grows rapidly in moist environments, which means you need to inspect every area of water damage around your home before it grows out of control. Mold contains dangerous toxins and needs to be addressed immediately. If there is too much to take care of, hire a professional mold specialist to remove the infected areas.

Dry Out Items

When the electricity is safe to turn back on, plug in multiple floor fans to begin drying out your home and belongings. If you have central air, this can be turned on to remove humidity.

Taking care of these major items can help you get your home back in livable condition as quickly as possible after a disaster.

Daniel Pauly