What made you quit smoking?

What made you quit smoking?


Smoking shows unfavorable effects on you and your body functions. It narrows the blood vessels, declines oxygen supply to your body organs, and makes you prone to various types of cancer. Fuming cigarettes is bad in every way and manner. Therefore, if you smoke, give up this habit. Your journey can be challenging and tough. However, if you stick to your goal, you will surely achieve your aim. Consult with your doctor for ways to abandon the habit of fuming cigarettes. He or she may prescribe quit smoking products for the same purpose. Ask your healthcare provider how you can use these products for the best results. 

What are the other ways to quit smoking? 

Various ways can help you abandon your habit of fuming cigarettes. Some of them may include-

  • Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)

Nicotine replacement therapy deals with reducing your tobacco cravings. It provides nicotine destitute of tobacco. You can use nicotine gums, inhalers, and sprays for the same purpose. However, remember you aim to quit nicotine, not only tobacco. 

  • Cold turkey

Cold turkey teaches you to abandon your habit of fuming cigarettes with no help, i. e., without using products or therapy for the same. It is believed that once you decide something, you achieve it; the same follows here. Once you resolve you will keep yourself away from deadly chemicals like nicotine, you will surely accomplish your goal. Although the journey can be tough, keep yourself motivated. 

  • Behavioral therapy

Along with using the quit smoking products, you should work to modify your behavior. Change your friend circle and be with people who do not have a habit of smoking. In the meantime, you will also develop healthy habits. 

  • Two heads are better than one

You should try therapies in combination rather than sticking to only one way to give up smoking. Moreover, try to adjust your behavior along with using nicotine replacement products. It can help bring successful results in abandoning your smoking habit. 

How can I help someone quit smoking? 

You can lend your hand to your loved one or someone in your home who is trying to give up their habit of smoking. You can do the following for the same purpose-

  • Help them to find some distractions like painting, watching a movie, or playing game
  • Let them know how much you love them; make them understand that you want to live long with them
  • Always give your hand in their tough times when they go through the withdrawal symptoms
  • Do not give them a lecture; make them understand politely

Keep using the quit smoking products along with the NRT and behavioral therapy at Daily Chemist. Moreover, help people around you to abandon your habit of fuming cigarettes.