What Are The Methods Used To Curb Sand Production In Oil Wells?

What Are The Methods Used To Curb Sand Production In Oil Wells?

In oil and gas wells, the production of sand can cause the quality of the oil to degrade, and it can also cause problems in the process of extraction of oil. Excess sand production inside the bore well can slow down or even bring the task of extracting oil to a halt. To control it, different activities and passive methods are used. An oil well screen supplier provides sand screens to stop the sand from mixing with the crude oil resources.

Passive Methods Of Sand Control

Passive methods are not intrusive, and they work towards lessening or avoiding the sand production in the oil well. Passive forms of sand control include sand management and selective perforation.

Active Methods Of Sand Control

These are the methods we’re discussing in detail. Active methods are intrusive, and they stop the sand from entering the oil to be extracted using different kinds of filters or screens, as we call them. They are as follows:

Expandable Sand Screens

In recent times, Expandable Sand Screens (ESS) technology has been gaining popularity over the traditional standalone screen method. It has a filter for the sand to be trapped and an outer shroud, and it allows the oil to pass through smoothly after it has been refined.

Wire-Wrapped Screens

It is another type of screen used in gravel packs to help with sand control. In this method, a protective wire is wrapped around a perforated liner, as the name suggests. This wire helps in refining the gravel from the oil. These wires are available in different diameters, and they should be small enough to collect the sand and not stop the production during the process.

Slotted Liners

Slotted liners have small annular holes to refine the extracted oil and separate the gravel. There are two types of slotted liners, the first is the straight slot liner, and the other type is called a keystone slot liner.

Chemical Consolidation

Chemical consolidation avoids the sand content in the extracted oil without using a sand screen. Chemicals are added to the oil to consolidate the sand and gravel to form more giant molecules that can be quickly taken out of the oil.


Oil well managers can use any of the methods mentioned above to mitigate the sand content in crude oil. These screens can be made readily available from sand screen suppliers.

Ishat Narain