Unusual Places To Have a Party

Unusual Places To Have a Party

When you have a milestone birthday or are celebrating a special anniversary, you want to plan a bigger party than normal. Instead of simply having the party in your backyard or renting out a local banquet hall, choose to go somewhere unusual that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Here are some uncommon places that you could have your party at. 

Animal Sanctuary

Animal sanctuaries are unique places because they take in animals that have been abused or neglected and care for them. Then, when the animal heals and grows strong enough, they are released back into nature. If you and your friends are animal lovers, a sanctuary could be perfect for your party. You will have space to spread out and see the different animals and might even get to help with their feeding or care. 

Whether you choose to hold the party at an eagle or tiger sanctuary Smith County, you might want to consider asking your guests to make donations to the sanctuary instead of giving gifts. 

Donut Shop

If you have a killer sweet tooth, you should consider having your party in a donut shop. Most shops already have tables and chairs, so you won’t have to worry about bringing those in. You could ask the donut shop about bringing in your own food for dinner and then having an assortment of donuts available for dessert. You might even be able to work with them to create a signature donut just for your party. 

Golf Course

If you love being active and playing sports, consider renting out a golf course for your next party. Your guests can choose to play a round of golf or stay in the clubhouse and visit with one another. To help guests further the theme of the party, you could request that they wear clothing in specific colors or provide golf socks for them to wear.

If you have guests that haven’t golfed before but would like to try, it might also be fun to have an instructor on hand to teach some basics.

Daniel Pauly