Understanding the Symptoms and Causes of a Bone Fracture

Understanding the Symptoms and Causes of a Bone Fracture

Bone fractures can occur due to different types of accidents, injuries at sports events, or falling on uneven ground resulting in breakage of bones. Although a bone fracture is usually termed under the term fracture, there are variations in bone fractures themselves, including displaced fractures, complete fractures, stress fractures, and partial fractures. 

Depending on the severity of the fracture, your doctor will provide an effective treatment plan.  It is recommended to consult a doctor who can examine fractures in East Brunswick as they will be able to help by scanning x-rays and offering essential medical advice.

Here are some of the symptoms of bone fractures:

Breakage of bones can happen in any part of your body, so it is crucial to look into places when you are injured in an accident. You can quickly locate a bone fracture by the pain endured in the body. For example, if you get a bone fracture in the leg, you can notice swelling over the leg.

Likewise, other similar symptoms would help in identifying a bone fracture. The following are some of the symptoms of bone fracture:

  1. Difficulty in using limbs: You may have difficulty in walking or using your hand for regular movements. If you are facing trouble performing actions with your limbs, there may be a possibility of a bone fracture.
  2. Unusual bend: In some cases, you can notice a bend over the fracture, which signifies that you may have a bone fracture. 
  3. Twists and bumps causing severe pain can also be considered as a sign.
  4. Deformity of legs or arms is also an effective symptom for bone fractures. 
  5. Inability to bear weight: If you feel that you cannot handle weights or lose function on a particular limb, it might be due to a bone fracture.

Here are some of the causes for bone fractures:

Fractures can be caused in various forms due to unforeseen circumstances. The following are some of the common causes of bone fracture:

  1. Getting indulged in a traumatic event results in the breakage of bones.
  2. Accidental falls from greater heights that could break bones.
  3. Relentlessly performing the same activity, for example, sprinting, could result in a stress fracture in the hip, ankle, or foot.
  4. Meeting a car accident where a person’s bones may get crushed at the scene.
  5. Losing balance while walking can strip a person into falling and breaking their bones.
  6. Bone fracture is one of the most common sports injuries in sports players. 

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