Understanding frozen shoulder and treatment modalities 

Understanding frozen shoulder and treatment modalities 


A frozen shoulder is a condition where these shoulders get stiff because of the presence of scar tissue. Patients who suffer from The case of frozen shoulder generally complain of pain whenever they try to move the shoulder. At times, the ability of moment of the shoulders also lost. There are many causes behind frozen shoulder. However, there are certain triggers like:

  • A reaction or surgery induced reaction by the body
  • Underlying conditions like tendonitis etc 
  • A fracture or surgery that resulted in arm immobilization.

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What does a frozen shoulder feel like? 

Frozen shoulder does not occur in one day. It takes months for the problem to set in and become massive. If you are someone who suffering from a frozen shoulder, you will be eat either of one of the four stages. You land your night stages of frozen shoulders

Pre freezing

The pre freezing stage I’ll normally be observed to last for around two to three months. During this time, moving your shoulder would cause a slight pain. Overtime, this pain will become sharper necessitating the need to reduce the movement of the shoulder. 

The freezing stage

The freezing scene starts around almost 6 to 8 months after the first sentence have shown up. During this time, the person experiences amplified loss of the mobility of the shoulder. The pain also came to increase during the night time.


If you have reached the frozen stage, you are symptoms have been there for around 9 to 14 months. Around this time, you are more likely to experience inability to move your shoulder periods the extent to which your shoulders can under remove Would have been greatly reduced. There is a high chance that you have probably stopped using your shoulder at all because every movement causes a ton of pain.


This change occurs after a year of shoulder issues. By this time, your pain may have reduced in the moment. You may also be able to carry out most of your regular tasks.

How can physiotherapy be of help? 

When you visit a clinic for physiotherapy checkup for frozen shoulder massage treatment, to understand the cause of your shoulder pain, they will conduct an extensive investigation. Once evaluation is done, the treatment will start. The treatment may involve new

Manual therapy 

In this the therapist will carry out a wide range of motion exercises. The purpose here is to improve the movement range of the shoulder. Newline’s randomly exercises.

These exercises will help Will help you recover the strength of the core muscles present in the shoulder.

Home exercise

Your therapist will tell you what kind of exercise you can conduct at home and how many times you are supposed to do them.

Pain medication

If If you have a severe problem in the shoulder only physio therapy may not be a solution to you it may require some pain medication as well. Your pain medication may involve pain relieving injections.


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