Understand The Science Behind Can Coolers 

Understand The Science Behind Can Coolers 

Quality Perfection can coolers are largely used to protect hands from experiencing the cold from drinks and prevent the beverages from getting warmed up due to the temperature or hand warmth. It is also used as a tool to keep the beverage container in place when they get slippery due to the accumulation of water drops. 

Scientific concept behind their working

Along with providing a better grip, comfort to the hands, and extra insulation from the temperature outside, a can cooler slow down heat transfer from your hands to the beverage. It stops the formation of water droplets on the surface of the can so that the drinker can enjoy the beverage in the humid air. 

Every drop of water that forms on the can’s surface heats the beverage inside it. This is because of the scientific concept of latent heat or condensational warming. 

Latent heat 

The energy that breaks the bonds of water molecules is known as latent heat. This heat is responsible for converting a solid into liquid or vapor or a liquid into vapor. 

The heat and humidity present on summer days make things worse. The amount of heat gained by your drink container rises substantially because of the rise in water drops forming on its surface. The temperature causes this heat. The more humid and hot it is, the faster your drink starts warming up. 

Along with the temperature, the warmth coming from your hand while holding their container transfers more heat to the beverage.  Enjoying your drink while it is cold on extremely hot days is almost impossible. In such circumstances, a can cooler comes to the rescue. It prevents water vapor from condensing on the surface of the container in which the beverage is stored. The surface of the candle is higher than the dew point. This implies that water droplets will not form on the outer surface of the container as well as inside it. It completely removes latent heat, the prime cause of cold drinks warming up quickly. 

So if you are traveling and drinking outside, keep your can cooler with you so that you can enjoy your drink while it is cold for a long time. The cooler will protect your drink from latent heat as well as conditional heating. It will also protect your hands from coldness and add a personalized touch to your beverages.  

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