Top-Ranking Dental and Behavioral Services in Florida

Top-Ranking Dental and Behavioral Services in Florida

Proper oral health ensures a lifetime of confidence and overall wellness. Knowing where you can find superior dental services comes in handy in most situations. If you are around Florida, contact Delray Medical & Dental for state-of-the-art services in a compassionate environment.

About Practice

Delray Medical & Dental comprises a staff of doctors, dentists, and subordinates. Together, the providers offer the best medical, behavioral, and dental services for individuals within Florida.

Their quality services include geriatric, primary care, and behavioral health services to adult patients. Delray Medical & Dental is regarded as a pacesetter in the healthcare community and prides itself on its competent staff. In that regard, they employ doctors and support staff that comprehend and support its “family culture.”

With a patient-centered approach, the providers highlight outstanding medical care, strong patient/provider relationships, and a high practitioner and staff-to-patient ratio. These features allow Delray Medical & Dental to allocate essential attention to every single patient who walks in.

Thanks to their exclusive approach, the practice reports high patient retention, low patient hospitalizations, and high provider and staff retention. The facility and staff members have received recognition for exemplary service by organizations within Florida.

List of Services

Patients continue to trust the practices methods for effectiveness and superior service. Their treatments include:

  •       Dental Implant Specialist- Missing permanent teeth can reduce your joy by constantly feeling embarrassed to smile. Luckily, Romero DMD and her experts regularly offer dental implants to restore your smile and fill in gaps left by missing teeth.
  •       Primary Care Specialist- It is vital to have a trustworthy doctor to realize your optimal health. Your providers at Delray Medical & Dental provide primary care services such as wellness exams, chronic disease management, and sick visits for early detection and treatment of conditions.
  •       Crowns Specialist- Crowns are tooth-like caps that protect and cover your teeth following treatment for decay or damage or after a root canal procedure. If you are considering a dental crown, contact Delray Medical and Dental for comprehensive care.
  •       Allergy Testing- Allergies are widespread across all divides. For this reason, many allergies are unknown. If you experience an allergic reaction such as cold-like symptoms, contact the Delray Medical & Dental specialists for precise diagnosis and treatment.
  •       Behavioral Health Specialist- Behavioral health can help you maneuver through stressful periods, anxiety, or depression. Juan Borja, DO, and his dexterous panel offers superior management for chronic conditions, including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), in a cozy, welcoming environment.
  •       Memory Testing Specialist- Memory loss is a harsh reality of the aging process. However, not all memory lapses symbolize dementia. If you are concerned about this condition, contact Delray Medical & Dental for memory testing and treatments targeting the cause of your memory loss.
  •       Same-Day Dental Specialist- If you have an emergency dental situation, you do not have to wait for days to see a dentist. At Delray Medical, patients can access same-day dental care for all kinds of teeth complications.

Being a part of the Delray Medical & Dental community guarantees a life without regrets. For incomparable quality services to other practices, schedule your consultation by calling the office or book online today.

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