Tips for Prepping Your Home for Hurricane Season

Tips for Prepping Your Home for Hurricane Season

Your home is one of the largest investments you’ll make, both financially and emotionally. Before a devasting hurricane ever comes near, make sure you are ready for whatever it throws at you. Make sure your house is prepared for the next big storm with these tips.

Tip #1: Check on Your Roof

At the beginning of the season, have a professional roofer Daytona Beach inspect your roof. They will evaluate the current state of your roof and recommend repairs or upgrades. Heeding their advice will prevent flood damage, entire roof replacement, or destruction of your home. They will also let you know what trees have the potential to create damage to your roof through broken branches or toppled trees. If an issue is found, call a landscaper for further assessment.

Tip #2: Get Insurance Coverage

You already have insurance that covers the value of your home, but what about a complete rebuild? Be sure your insurance will cover as much as you think you will need, possibly more. With that, you’ll also want to make an inventory of your home, so you’ll know what to replace when it comes time to make a claim. You may also consider flood insurance. Sometimes the greatest damage comes after the storm when the streets are filled with water and pouring into homes uninvited. Typical insurance policies do not include coverage for floods so if it is something you want, get it.

Tip #3: Seal, Seal, Seal

Inspect your windows, doors, and other holes leading into your home. Any nook or cranny that a storm could force rain and wind through needs to be thoroughly closed up. Regular sun and weather exposure will dry up previous seals and they should be replaced when that happens– regardless of impending storms.

Hurricane damage can be serious, be sure you’ve considered every possible way to keep your home safe before one hits.

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