Tips for Opening a New Restaurant

Tips for Opening a New Restaurant

Are you ready to open a new restaurant? If so, you know there’s a lot to do and consider. While the process may seem complicated, it doesn’t have to be.

Keep reading to learn more about opening a restaurant, acquiring a TABC permit, and more. Being informed will help ensure you have a solid foundation for your new venture.

Purchase Equipment

If you are trying to open a new restaurant or need to replace the equipment installed currently, you should consider purchasing used restaurant equipment. You can find options for a much lower price than buying these items new.

Decide if You Want a Cash Register or POS System

POS system can be invaluable for a new restaurant venture. Unlike traditional cash registers, which are designed to track sales only, Point of Sale Systems will track your sales, menu items and even serve as a time clock for your team. You can use these systems for taking reservations, too. While POS systems are more expensive than cash registers, they will easily pay for themselves when used to their full capabilities.

Hire the Right Bartender

Will your restaurant have a pub or bar area? If so, make sure you are selective when it comes to staffing it. Quality bartenders will be able to make drinks and be great at customer service. The right bartender will even be able to read your customers and know which ones to talk to and which ones to leave alone to watch the game. The right bartender is going to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome.

Get Your Liquor License Early

When you plan to open a restaurant that will serve wine, beer, and other spirits, you have to have a liquor license. It is best to apply for this as early as you can. It can take a few weeks to have your liquor license approved based on the location of your restaurant. You should not have to postpone your opening day because you have not received your liquor license.

Getting Your Restaurant Off to a Good Start

If you want to ensure that your restaurant has the best chance of success, use the tips and information here. Doing so is going to minimize issues while ensuring your restaurant has a solid foundation. While there is no secret formula to achieve success in this industry, planning carefully will pay off in the long run.


Clare Louise