Tips for online business – Content marketing & Sales

Tips for online business – Content marketing & Sales

Content Marketing and Sales

Beyond its optimization, what should content production look like in 2022? What tone to adopt? Which platforms to target? If you have all these questions in mind, you may consider engaging reliable content marketing firm like Leading Solution by clicking

Content strategies driven by a corporate mission

A recent study by the consulting firm Deloitte concludes on the importance of adopting inclusive marketing strategies that make room for diversity in all its forms and are concerned with eliminating inequalities. The firm goes even further by suggesting that companies adopt a mission that demonstrates a social conscience and a concern for global issues.  Be careful, however, not to join a cause for the simple reason that joining a cause will attract customers to you… In other words: your commitment must remain sincere. 

Your targets detect real and false intentions fairly quickly. Invest where your true values ​​take you and you’ll attract the right people (those who share your concerns) into your brand’s environment. What’s more, it’s a great way to build customer loyalty, reach your community and build stronger ties with them. 

Concretely, your company can get involved socially in different ways:

  • associations with charities 
  • promotional events with discount of part of the profits
  • pro-bono services (donating your time, your two arms or your professional expertise) 

Whatever form your association with a cause you hold dear will take, it will be beneficial from a digital marketing point of view. How?

  • This is a way to promote yourself and increase your online visibility (both on your platforms and on those of your partners).
  • By having the potential to generate nice backlinks , these little things that are so precious for a good referencing of your site…

Streaming online – It’s the biggest trend right now. After the pandemic started, people tended to watch others’ lives. You can start streaming online and get more people to watch it online. Twitch is the biggest streaming platform. Buy viewers Twitch, this will definitely give you more viewers and people who basically help you out on this algorithm journey 

Focus on authenticity in your content

Your community members and potential customers crave authenticity in all your communications. They have developed their antennae and, in 2022, want the “real”, the spontaneous. You will be rewarded if, in your digital publications, you involve your employees as ambassadors of your brand:

  • Train them on your products so that they have a better knowledge of them.
  • Invite them to post content that explains your services, products, and company culture
  • Introduce them to your community by posting an employee profile or through video interviews…

Also consider putting your customers first.

  • Post case studies that showcase their perspective on the experience your brand gave them.
  • Ask them to write testimonials about your products and services for your site pages or sales pages.
  • Gather their impressions in interviews broadcast live on your social networks or immortalized in video capsules .

Ephemeral content, here to stay

Take action by adopting ephemeral content (photos or videos) (the “Stories” of which almost all platforms now have a version!) This format continues to gain followers and is an effective way to promote your products or services. In fact, on Facebook and its associated applications alone, ephemeral content has helped to develop interest in a brand among 61% of story consumers .

Several reasons make them so effective:

  • These formats approach the conversational style by allowing the audience to be engaged in a natural and spontaneous context.
  • Kinds of moments captured on the spot and shared slices of life, this content lends itself well to developing a strong bond with the audience .

Their temporary appearance creates a scarcity effect in addition to playing on the fear of missing out on something interesting or important (the famous “ FOMO ” or Fear of missing out ).

Daniel Pauly