Tips for cleaning your sofa

Tips for cleaning your sofa

The home and designing of the interiors is the biggest investment that an individual makes in their lifetime. The cleaners at Hippo Carpet Cleaning Springfield are aware of this and treat every piece of the accessories they handle for deep cleaning, be it a rug or a sofa as if it were their own. There might be a question in the minds of the readers who are going through the articles right now, that is what is the difference between hiring cleaners from Hippo Carpet Cleaning Springfield and any other deep cleaning service providers who specialize in the same services? The answer to it is the difference that the cleaners from Hippo Carpet Cleaning Springfield will bring in the aesthetics of the interiors. Deep cleaning has the power to transform an otherwise dull-looking living room into a gorgeous space layered with subtlety.

What are the services which are provided by Hippo Carpet Cleaning Springfield?


Let’s face it, whether you are the owner of a commercial premise which have thousands of employees walking in every day or a homeowner of a house consisting of three members and a pet, maintaining cleanliness is not an easy task and it would be appreciated if you got a helping hand that understands your cleaning needs and then handles the project. The cleaners at Hippo Carpet Cleaning Springfield never distinguish between the tasks that they are assigned. Each task assigned is performed with the same commitment and attention, irrespective of the assignment being big or small. Here is a list of a few services provided by the company

  • Carpet Cleaning: Each carpet has a beautiful design done on a fabric that turns it into a work of art. But these fabrics with which the carpets are woven easily attract dry dirt which can consist of harmful bacteria, germs, and allergens that are harmful to the members of the family. When a carpet is sent for deep cleaning at Hippo Carpet Cleaning Springfield it not only deep cleans your carpet with eco-friendly cleaning products but also applies stain protectors which protect your carpet from dust and germs.

  • Rug Cleaning: There is a lot of difference between cleaning a carpet and cleaning a rug, more so because they are often placed in residences or at commercial premises at places that are prone to high traffic. The cleaners at Hippo Carpet Cleaning Springfield have a vast knowledge about the wide array of rugs that are available including Persian Rugs and offer a wide range of cleaning services suitable for different types of rugs and all these services are available at affordable prices.

  • Upholstery Cleaning: Upholstery could get damaged in many ways. Your pet might make it dirty by urinating on it or your kid might find it very entertaining to scribble on the sofa with a marker, but that will do the much-unwanted damage to the sofa or any other furniture which you hold very dear to your heart. Sofa cleaning procedures adopted by Hippo Carpet Cleaning Springfield include deep cleaning which not only removes stain and odor but also cleans the sofa from dirt and harmful germs.

All these services are available at Hippo Carpet Cleaning Springfield at available prices and you can arrange the pick-up at your convenience. The turnaround time required for cleaning is as less as 24 hours.

Tips to keep your sofa clean immediately after it is soiled


There are several stories about how bad cleaning had damaged beautiful pieces of furniture. The best way to protect your furniture before you send your furniture for Upholstery cleaning in Springfield to arrive is to know some handy tips to remove stains or pet urinals immediately, even before the deep cleaners arrive.

  • Detergents and over-the-counter cleaning agents are for deep cleaning. But deep cleaning is best done by Upholstery cleaning in Springfield, but before you send the furniture, you need to remove the cushion covers and vacuum the seats of the sofas. Once the dust and debris are removed from the sofas, the job for the deep cleaners becomes very easy.

  • Many homes nowadays love leather upholstery for decorating their interiors. The advantage of using leather furniture is that they are stain-resistant. But still, if you have a tough stain on the upholstery, you dab the area with a cloth that is wettened with mild soap and water. Dry the spot immediately and make sure that the spot is not too much wet.

Upholstery is costly, therefore always trust the best deep cleaners to keep your furniture clean and well-maintained.