Tips for Choosing a Bath Mat That You Should Know

Tips for Choosing a Bath Mat That You Should Know

Choosing a bath mat may seem easy and trivial to some people. However, this thing turns out to have a function to absorb water after we shower so we don’t slip easily because it’s slippery. So, do not be careless in choosing it.

Choosing the right bathroom mats can make the room look more beautiful and aesthetic. However, choosing bathroom mats is not as simple as imagined. You have to pay attention to the important aspects of the bathroom so that the chosen bathroom mats can function optimally. For example, consider the design of the bathroom, is it included in the category of wet or dry bathrooms? If the bathroom is wet, you can choose a synthetic or waterproof type of carpet. On the other hand, if the bathroom is dry, then the cloth carpet will be very comfortable to use.

In addition, the mat can also make the bathroom look more aesthetic and neat, you know. Then, how do you choose the right mat?

Tips for Choosing bathroom mats Based on Materials

When choosing a base for the bathroom, of course, you have to pay attention to the material used. Generally, there are several types of materials that are usually used, such as the following.

1. Cotton

Cotton is a very good material used for flooring. Besides being soft, this material also absorbs water well. No wonder many people prefer to use a bath mat from this material.

2. Microfiber

In addition to cotton, microfiber is also known to absorb water and is easy to clean. A foot mat with this material can help you dry your feet faster and make the floor less slippery.

3. PVC

This material has the characteristics of slightly hard material but has excellent absorption resistance. Bathroom mats made of diatomite do not require extra care.

Just wash it occasionally by brushing the top, then wait for it to dry completely. You can use it for both wet and dry bathrooms.

Tips for Choosing a Bath Mat Based on Use

Apart from the material, make sure you choose a product that suits its function. Here are some tips for choosing a bath mat to suit its use.

So that it is not slippery and quickly absorbs water

First, if you want to have a product that absorbs water quickly and is anti-slip, then microfiber is the right material. The manufacture of the mat itself has been designed to protect the user from the risk of slipping, after bathing.

Choose Patterned For Aesthetics

However, if you want the bathroom to look neater, then you need to pay attention to the motif and colour of the mat. The easiest way is to choose a mat according to the bathroom theme.

If your bathroom has an all-grey concept, then you can choose a matching colour to make it look more elegant. However, if your bathroom has a cheerful theme, then you can use a more colourful mat.

Tips for Choosing a Bath Mat by Size

The next factor to consider is the size of the mat. Avoid buying the wrong size because it will reduce the effectiveness and beauty of the room.

Generally, bath mats are available in various sizes, such as the following:

1. Standard size

This Size is not too small and not too big. You can also put it in any corner of the bathroom and can make it look more charming.

2. Jumbo size

If you want to use a mat to cover several areas at once, such as the sink and shower or bathtub, then you can choose this jumbo-sized mat. Thus, the bathroom looks less cluttered and more aesthetic.

The Right Position of the Bath Mat

After choosing the right mat, the next question is where should we put this mat?

Well, generally you can place the bath mat in the position after the shower or bath. So, after getting out of the bathroom, you can immediately dry your feet, while keeping the water splashes from spreading to other areas.

In addition, you can also place it on the front of the sink to give the impression of luxury. This position can also make you more comfortable when doing various activities, such as brushing your teeth, washing your hands, or getting dressed.

You can also place it in the shower area so it doesn’t slip and slip. However, make sure you choose a mat that has a function to absorb water optimally.

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