Three Important Considerations When Picking Tiles for Your Home

Three Important Considerations When Picking Tiles for Your Home

Tiles are popular materials used in bathrooms and kitchens. They are usually seen on floors and walls and available in nearly all colours, sizes, finishes, and styles. Due to the variety of options to pick from, it can be challenging to look for the right one for you. But picking tiles does not need to be overwhelming and once that process is over, you will be to enjoy your new environment when the project to create a modern luxury home is finished.

Tile Size

Tiles are available in a range of sizes. Picking the tile size for your space can make or break your room design. For instance, big-scale tiles installed in a small bathroom or kitchen can make the entire space feel bigger when used as flooring. These tiles make fewer grout lines, making the floor look like a single surface. But smaller tiles can create a charming appearance, particularly on bathroom and kitchen walls. In addition, mosaic tiles are made in a smaller format, which allows them to stand out from the rest. To get the right tile size, consider your bathroom as a whole and choose a size that improves the space. 

Colour Scheme

If you are not sure what colour scheme to pick for your tiles, consider a neutral colour palette, which is a safe and timeless option for spaces of any size. Look for a tile that you desire and create the colour scheme around this choice. You might want a simple tile that has a simple colour or a bolder one that can become an accent tile. 

Tile Material

The material you will choose for your tiles can determine the beauty and longevity of the tiles themselves. For bathrooms, your options include ceramic, porcelain, and stone. Usually, ceramic tiles are confused with porcelain. Although they look the same, they differ in the ease of cutting and pricing. Ceramic tiles are easier to cut and are usually cheaper than porcelain. But they are also stylish and durable. Porcelain tiles highly resist wear and are easy to maintain. Also, they do not require special sealing. They are made from quality components and showcase a luxurious finish. Lastly, natural stone tiles offer a hard wearing, durable flooring. They add value to your house but they are pricier than other flooring options. Also, stone tiles require more maintenance over time. 

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