The Use of Orthotics in Promoting Foot Balance

The Use of Orthotics in Promoting Foot Balance

Orthotics are custom inserts that go in your shoes and can be made custom for your feet. The most common reason why a patient will need orthotics is to make a relatively flat shoe very comfortable and more supportive for your feet. The Foot and Ankle Institute of Colorado offers Colorado Springs custom made orthotics for patients with concerns about how their feet strike the ground when walking.

Why is it so common to want and need orthotics these days?

Many people have feet that, instead of having a nice beautiful high arch, start to lose that arch or roll in a pronation process. It can also happen from the back where a patient’s heel starts to roll in.

A custom-made orthotic uses the support of inner medial arch support and heel cap. These custom made orthotics can support your foot in an appropriate way that a premade shoe insert does not do.

You can make custom made orthotics full length, especially in athletic shoes. For dress’ shoes, custom made inserts are three-quarters length. Dress shoes are narrower and not as tall as athlete shoes, but they will fit most loafers and lace-up shoes. They do not give the support that a full-length one does, but since most dress shoes have very flat footbeds, the extra support from your custom orthotic is very helpful.

Do orthotics make your feet weaker?

When orthotics support your feet, the muscles that are on the bottom of your feet have a chance to contract and relax better because they do not flatten and stretch nearly as much as they do without any foot orthotics. Your feet will get stronger over time.

Orthotics are often made every two to three years and because they are custom made, they are meant to fit your feet in the best way possible.

This insert can help rebalance the way your feet strike the ground and how a person goes through walking and running. By taking pressure off some areas, orthotics help in rebalancing the foot.

Orthotic devices in various forms treat many feet conditions including plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, neuromas, and capsulitis. Orthotics are used to help patients by rebalancing the pressure on the part of the foot that is getting too much stress during standing and walking.

To make a quality custom orthotic device, your doctor will make several observations and measurements of foot structure and foot position. He or she will also watch you standing and walking to fully understand your foot structure and what is going on when you are up on your feet and moving. This will then be combined with each foot’s special mould to capture a patient’s foot specifically.

Then, the prescription formulated along with the mold if your feet are sent to a lab where the devices are made to tackle a patient’s concerns specifically.

If you are having any foot or ankle problems, contact the Foot and Ankle Institute of Colorado to see if an orthotic device is part of the treatment that can help you get over the problems that you are having with your feet.

Ishat Narain