The Characteristics To Consider When Choosing A Heat Pump For Your Pool

The Characteristics To Consider When Choosing A Heat Pump For Your Pool

A heat pump is a system that can be used to warm up a building because it transfers the thermal energy from a more relaxed place to a warm place using its refrigerator cycle. Still, there are characteristics to consider when choosing a heat pump:

Minimum Operating Temperature

When choosing the heat pump, the minimum temperature at which the appliance can operate must also be considered. This, depending on the climatic characteristics of the area where your pool is located, will allow you to know from the temperature at which it can begin to defrost and function correctly.

Reversible Function

Some equipment on the market has a reversible function. This option allows the water to be cooled and not heated if the temperature or user preferences require it.

Depending on the climatic characteristics of a place, the water temperature can be organically heated to an excessive temperature, so bathing at high temperatures in hot water can be very unpleasant. For this reason, some heat pump equipment is equipped with this function to cool the water to the desired temperature at all times.

Warm-Up Priority Function

This mode of the pump allows maximum efficiency to be achieved with a very accurate system. Every hour, the equipment turns on the filtration pump for 2 minutes to check the pool water temperature. If it has decreased by 0.5 ºC, the equipment continues to operate until it recovers the temperature chosen at the programming time.

This function is only found in some heat pump models to give greater accuracy and efficiency in the pump’s operation. In this way, significant heat losses are avoided. Also contact a specialist for fireplace services.

Heat Pump Sound

This equipment for heating the pool water can generate some noise when operating, so it is essential to consider their loudness. When choosing the ideal heat pump for your pool, the decibels (dB) emitted by the equipment must be considered. Manufacturers typically indicate dB in two different measurements: one next to the equipment and the other about 10 meters away. Don’t forget to inspect the ducts and filters as well.

Heat Pumps Can Be Defrosted In Several Ways:

Through fans: the pump starts the fan to defrost the appliance as quickly as possible.

Using the cycle inversion method: the equipment collects the heat from the pool and allocates it to the frost to eliminate it as quickly as possible. This method defrosts the pump faster and generates less heat loss.


Daniel Pauly