The Best Selling Silicone Product Made in Newtop Rubber

The Best Selling Silicone Product Made in Newtop Rubber

If you have been looking for a place where you can find the best products made out of silicone, then for sure, you will be able to do at Newtop Rubber. They are based in Xiamen, China. They have over 12 years of expertise, which has led them to become one of the top manufacturers in the liquid silicone rubber industry and are also one of the few companies that mix and manufacture liquid silicone with excellent quality.

As a company, its goal is to meet your needs, either if it is with existing products or custom silicone products that you can request them to make for you, all of this through their high-quality silicone. They follow quality control requirements with the highest standards to manufacture their products. They follow these requirements during the entire production process, from the 3D artwork design, rubber mixing, making the molds, molding, extrusion, and burr cutting to the packaging of the finished product.

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They make all of their liquid silicone rubber products with really high and top-quality materials, this way they will avoid any failures or accidents and allow the products to keep their functional stability even if you put them through the harshest conditions, either outdoor or indoor.

What kind of products can you find at Newtop Rubber?  

Newtop Rubber offers a good variety of products made out of silicone rubber, of course, all of them are made of high-quality materials. Some examples are mother and baby products, such as a silicone cup, products for your household, or customized products for different fields and applications, like medical or industrial ones.

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Of course, you’ll not only be able to find their products in the previously mentioned industries but also in construction, automobile, agriculture, dairy products, consumer products, and even the food and beverage ones. They get their raw materials from the best and most known raw material suppliers. This gives them the ability to use the characteristics of these raw materials to create and manufacture different silicone products.

We have been talking a lot about all the reasons why you should choose them as your supplier of silicone products, but you also have to have in mind that their products don’t only have the general characteristics of silicone rubber products, but if you ask them to, they will create them with special properties, for example, being flame retardant, corrosion resistant, etc.

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What are their best-selling products?

If you’re looking for their best-selling products, worry not, as their team is totally committed to recommending you with the most suitable liquid silicone rubber product with the highest quality, that will help you expand your business and any of your products or to live a better and easier life.

Their best-sellers are probably in the mother and baby field, as these are products that are in much need once a new life is welcomed into the world. From their bottles to breast pumps, to pacifiers, and even toys.

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It is important to know that in order for people and especially babies to use them, they have to be made of materials that are safe to use for them. As we know, plastic products can be toxic and put people at risk of developing illnesses, and we can’t risk exposing little humans that don’t have their immune systems fully developed yet to those chemicals.

Other best-selling products that you can have are for sure the ones that are made for your household. These have to also be made out of materials that aren’t toxic for us, as we will always be in contact with them. It is always important that these products have FDA certifications, which makes them perfect for human consumption or use.

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