Surprising Benefits of Telemedicine

Surprising Benefits of Telemedicine

Telemedicine is not something new in the world of health support systems. This technology involves two-way live video consultations between you and your doctor. Specialists use specific devices to gather patient data and capture images. After that, the message is transmitted to the Electronic Medical Records system for analysis and treatment recommendation. Doctors apply Telemedicine in Morris Plains to change the way patients access medical services. Subsequently, you may find it convenient and cost-effective, especially if you live in a remote area. Here are the surprising benefits of telemedicine.

Ability to Resolve Patients’ Issues During the Initial Telemedicine Visit

First of all, telemedicine visits may reveal underlying issues that may require further in-person checkups, especially where the medical condition is urgent. Your doctor may suggest this procedure to evaluate an existing condition based on the diagnosis.

All you need to do is log onto your device and interact with your doctor by revealing your symptoms.

Eliminates Unnecessary Clinical Visits

Research reveals that most patients who walk into the emergency room have their issues effectively resolved safely at home via telemedicine.

More so, the prevailing covid-19 pandemic unearths just how valuable the technology is to both the patient and the physician. You can access medical consultations from your mobile devices or a personal computer, thereby reducing the chances of infection and spread of the disease.

Convenient for Rural Residents

In places where medical facilities are out of reach, only a few physicians are available to attend to emergencies. It can pose a more significant challenge for healthcare access in remote places as patients may have to endure long distances to the nearest health facility. And because the visit may be without an appointment, you may have to wait in long lines.

Telemedicine eases this burden on you while allowing your doctor to attend to many patients in less time. This form of care helps you to stay healthy and productive at a much lower cost.

Most Ailments Only Need a Prescription

Several minor clinical issues only require a simple physical examination or a description of how you are feeling and the symptoms.

A healthcare provider can resolve the issue with a simple prescription without further tests by analyzing these symptoms. Such ailments include the common cold or flu during the cold season.

Hence, you do not need to be examined in person and can get the right prescription on a smartphone and present it to your local pharmacy. In some cases, it is not a surprise that a prescription is not even necessary, especially if you can resolve the problem by applying home remedies.

Telemedicine vs. in-person Care

Telehealth technology is continuously evolving for the overall benefit of the patient. In addition, you can use this approach to access treatment and routine health checks. Some ailments, such as the common cold and other minor cases, are concerns that should not drive you to the emergency room.

With telemedicine, all you need is to log in and contact your doctor virtually without leaving the house. Contact Live Urgent Care specialists who offer telemedicine depending on specific situations.

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