Signs That Your Pond Needs Dredging

Signs That Your Pond Needs Dredging

To prevent the beautiful pond you have on your property from becoming a stinky swamp, it’s important to have dredging done on a regular basis. Dredging is the process of removing muck, which is a buildup of sediments and silt, from the bottom of your pond. Here are some of the most common signs that tell you when dredging needs to happen.

Algae Outbreaks

The sediment on the bottom of a pond contains an array of nutrients that help algae grow. This excess algae growth can lead to less oxygen for the fish and plants in your pond. Algae blooms are more likely to occur in the warmer months. Find dredging services near me before this happens to ensure you continue to have a healthy habitat for the local wildlife.

Shallow Water

When your pond is surrounded by trees, the leaves, twigs and sticks can build up quickly in the pond. This layer of natural debris decreases the depth of your pond. When you notice weeds growing in the center of your water feature, it’s past due for dredging.

Less Wildlife

Animals are good indicators of the health of a pond environment. When dangerous nutrients begin to accrue, the wildlife will become scarce. They don’t want to live near a toxic waterway when they can find a fresh source of water elsewhere.

 Excessive Plant Growth

The toxic nutrients that increase in a pond allow weeds and other nuisance plants to take over. They will strangle the pond plants you do want, starve the fish and prevent the healthy habitat you’re striving for. Regular dredging prevents this from occurring, which means it’s a crucial maintenance task for your pond.

With yearly dredging, your pond will look beautiful for many years to come. You will have a gorgeous natural habitat to enjoy year-round.

Ishat Narain