Sales engagement platform: why it’s important to connect analytics for sales

Sales engagement platform: why it’s important to connect analytics for sales

The principle of platforms that work with the sale of goods and services is the same. There are many versions of their execution and implementation of interfaces. However, the system of work is the same. Three main principles, which, if followed, make it possible to achieve high efficiency, are the secret of the success of this digital assistant to the marketer and business owner. Systems like achieve high results in sales through the use of technology, rational calculation and accuracy of actions:

– automated customer search with high relevance of potential buyers and customers;

– working only with the target audience;

– specialized CRM-system.

Let’s talk about each principle in more detail and with examples.

Search for customers

Find a potential customer through a social network or generate an inquiry using open phone data. This search for relevant lists of potential customers is much more effective than trying to use the usual list of data without actualizing the customer’s consumer activity. Offering someone who buys an expensive car a coffee maker as well is not always wise. He just drinks coffee at his favorite coffee shop and doesn’t have to worry about brewing good coffee at home. But if the segmentation of potential customers had been done in advance, no time, no effort, no money, on such communication, no one would have spent.

Working only with the target audience

The super-power of such platforms is also that they always work with the target audience. A newsletter is organized and sent only to certain customers for a certain destination. And the list of clients to whom the presentation message should be sent will be exclusively for managers who have previously responded or are extremely interested in buying. Targeting the target audience allows you to narrow down the tasks to a minimum, getting the maximum potential profit. Targeting is the direction of the platforms.

A CRM system geared for success

The hallmark of these platforms is a CRM-system with maximum approximation to the requirements of the client. That is, the interaction is built on the most optimal means of communication. This not only reduces the cost of telephony and Internet communications, but also reduces the cost of staff expansion. And it makes it possible to:

  • to predict the work of the expansion business;
  • to use a systematic planning of work with clients;
  • distribution of information;
  • reporting with extended information.

Paul Petersen