Root Canal Treatment at Sunshine Dental, Inc.

Root Canal Treatment at Sunshine Dental, Inc.

Consistently observing oral hygiene is a simple exercise but has a significant effect as far as dental health is concerned. Neglecting to regularly clean your teeth can otherwise lead to drastic challenges that might dump you in critical dental health fixes. Some of the chronic dental health issues include infection of the tooth pulp. This experience can pose unfathomable, restless, and agonizing moments giving you long days and nights. However, there are ways to handle such challenging situations like a root canal. Hearing of having a root canal can cause an apprehensive degree of anxiety. However, that is not the case with Temecula root canal services offered by Dr. Philip Chien, DDS at Sunshine Dental, Inc.

 Dr. Chien and his team of specialists compassionately provide effective services to restore confidence in your oral health. To learn more about the dental services at Sunshine Dental, Inc. call the office or plan an appointment through the online feature today.

Questions and Answers Concerning Root Canal

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal or endodontic treatment is a dental medical procedure that targets the cleaning of infection or securing the tooth from subsequent infections.

In case there is an exposure of the tooth via a deep cavity or a crack, it can trigger further complications as germs and bacteria can gain entry into the pulp tissues, causing infections.

You might have painful experiences in the case where the infected tooth is left unattended an abscess is likely to form causing pain and swelling. Improper treatment may lead to your tooth needing to be extracted for the betterment of your general health.

What Are the Signs that You Need A Root Canal?

Signs that you may require a root canal are such as:

Root canal procedure can be done when the inner soft part of the tooth called the pulp has injuries and damages such as cracks or inflammation. The crown which is the visible part of the tooth can maintain its physical structure even if the pulp in it is dead.

What Are the Causes of Tooth Infection?

Below are some of the causes of pulp damage, they are as follows:

  •   Tooth injury, for instance, being hit on the mouth could cause damage to the pulp even if the tooth may not crack
  •  Having had recurrent dental procedures in the same tooth
  •  Crack or chip in the tooth
  •  Deep decay due to an unattended cavity

What Are the Signs of Tooth Infection?

Some of the symptoms include:

  •   Pain when eating or chewing.
  •   High sensitivity to cold and high temperatures.
  •   Bad breath.
  •  Irritated or red gums.

In chronic levels, a benign cyst may develop close to the area of infection at the sides.

The Sunshine Dental Inc. team is dedicated to giving you the best root canal medical healthcare experience in three office visits. During the visits, Dr. Chien and the team will extract the infected tissue, after which a cleanliness procedure will be done then sealed. Lastly, a core build-up is filled which is a dental restoration process that is protected from fracturing by using a crown to strengthen it.

Maintaining regular oral health such as check-ups, flossing, and brushing can take you a long way in keeping your gums healthy and the recovered tooth for a lifetime. In case you are experiencing any of the mentioned signs and symptoms, reach Sunshine Dental Inc. through a call at the office in Temecula, California, or use the online feature to book an appointment today.

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