Recognize The Causes Of Pain In The Breast And How To Overcome It

Recognize The Causes Of Pain In The Breast And How To Overcome It

Breast pain is a common condition experienced by almost every woman. The pain can be caused by various things, from the menstrual cycle to an illness. Treatment also needs to be adjusted to the cause.

Breast pain or mastalgia usually appears on the outside of the upper part of the breast and can radiate to the armpits and arms.

The pain that appears can be described as a stabbing pain or a tight feeling in the breast. This kind of pain usually occurs for several days, for example before or during menstruation.

How to Overcome Breast Pain

Breast pain can go away on its own. However, keep in mind that the pain can come back.

There are several things you can do to relieve breast pain, including:

  • Use the right size bra
  • Reduce foods containing saturated fat
  • Reduce caffeine intake
  • Quitting smoking habits
  • Using warm or cold compresses to relieve pain

If the pain still doesn’t subside, you can check with the Edinburgh Breast Clinic, especially if you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy. The Edinburgh Breast Clinic will provide treatment according to the symptoms because the doctors there are professionals in dealing with this problem.

Various Special Conditions to Watch Out for

Although breast pain is generally harmless, there are some conditions that you need to be aware of, such as:

  • Changes in breast shape or size
  • Discharge accompanied by blood from the nipples
  • Rashes around the nipples or changes in the shape of the nipples
  • Swelling or lump accompanied by pain in the armpit
  • The surface of the breast looks like it is pulled from the inside
  • Symptoms of infection, such as swelling, redness, or a burning sensation in the breast with fever

Pain in the breast is something that is considered normal, especially during menstruation. However, if the pain persists for more than 2 weeks or is accompanied by other symptoms, don’t hesitate to consult the Edinburgh Breast Clinic to get the right treatment.

Causes of Breast Pain

Several known causes can trigger the appearance of breast pain, including:

1. Menstrual cycle

Pain in the breasts related to the menstrual cycle usually appears 3 days before menstruation and will improve after menstruation is complete. However, the intensity of pain that appears can vary from month to month.

2. Breast inflammation

Generally, mastitis or inflammation of the breast tissue is experienced by breastfeeding women. This condition causes the breast to feel sore and swollen. In addition, infections such as breast abscesses can also cause breast pain.

3. Lump on the breast

Lumps that are benign or noncancerous can appear in the breast and trigger breast pain. One example is fibroadenoma which is thought to be related to the activity of the hormone estrogen.

4. Injuries to other body parts

Breast pain can also be caused by injuries to other parts of the body, such as the muscles around the chest, shoulders, or back. Injuries that occur around the breast area can have an impact on the breast to cause pain.

5. Drugs

Some types of drugs, such as hormonal birth control, antidepressants, and drugs to treat heart disease are also known to cause breast pain.

6. Bust Size

For women who have large breasts, the possibility of experiencing breast pain is also greater. In addition, pain in the neck, shoulders, and back can also accompany breast pain caused by large breasts.

7. Breast surgery

Breast surgery procedures are also known to cause breast pain. The pain after breast surgery usually lasts longer depending on the patient’s body condition.

In addition, please note that certain types of food can also trigger the appearance of pain in the breast, for example, foods high in fat and carbohydrates.