Reasons for Undergoing a Tooth or Teeth Extraction Procedure

Reasons for Undergoing a Tooth or Teeth Extraction Procedure

Tooth extraction is a medical procedure that is done to get rid of damaged teeth. There are many things that can affect your teeth during your lifetime. According to dental health specialists, tooth decay is the primary condition that leads to tooth extraction. However, there are other conditions that can lead to teeth or tooth extraction. A decayed or an infected tooth brings oral pain, which also may cause a severe headache. It is vital to consider a tooth extraction since decayed teeth may cause additional oral problems. For tooth extractions in Campbell contact Ueno Center Dental Specialists. Below are the primary types of tooth extraction.

The Primary Types of Tooth Extraction

There are two types of teeth extraction available at the dental health care center. The type of tooth extraction to undergo is determined by how your tooth is damaged. Before having the extraction procedure, your dentist will take you through an oral examination. The examination is used to check the presence of gum diseases and the strength of your jaws. These types include:

  • Simple extraction. The simple extraction method is done on a tooth or teeth which are visible. If the teeth are hard to be clamped with extraction equipment, your doctor may call for surgery to remove the remaining teeth or tooth.
  • Surgical extraction. This method is done on those teeth whose crowns have completely decayed. Your dentist uses surgical tools to remove the remaining tooth, which is normally the root.  

Before tooth extraction, your doctor administers anesthesia to provide comfort. For a simple extraction, local anesthesia is performed, while for surgical extraction, general anesthesia may be used. The below paragraph shows the reasons that would make you consider having a tooth or teeth extraction.

Reasons For Having a Tooth Extraction

  1. To facilitate teeth or tooth growth. A developing tooth may be blocked by another tooth. To give the growing tooth a chance, your doctor may recommend a tooth extraction. However, failure to have a tooth extracted may cause misaligned teeth.
  2. To remove a decayed or diseased tooth. A decayed tooth brings a bad smell, thus lowering your self-esteem and self-confidence. A decayed tooth may pose dangers to other healthy teeth, which can make them decay. To eliminate toothache, bad smell, and other oral health issues, your dentist may recommend a tooth extraction.
  3. To get rid of over-crowded teeth. Your permanent teeth may grow before you shed the milk teeth. This behavior of teeth may cause overcrowding of teeth. Your dentist may insist on teeth extraction to remove extra teeth.
  4. To prevent periodontal diseases. Your decayed tooth may affect other healthy teeth and also cause gingivitis. It is essential to remove the affected teeth for your oral health.

Teeth extraction is a common procedure that is done to many people across the world. Your teeth are very important, thus it is important to take care of them. Consider having a tooth extraction for the wellness of your mouth.

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