Quality and Effective Herniated Disc Treatments in Lawrenceburg

Quality and Effective Herniated Disc Treatments in Lawrenceburg

As human beings, we are prone to experiencing physical pain throughout our lives. Physical pain happens when the body tissues get hurt or broken. It also occurs when your body is not functioning well; usually, it tries to tell us that something is wrong. You can experience pain from various circumstances, from injuries to an exercise done wrong, and medical conditions such as arthritis. Most of the time, the pain affects our daily activities; hence, it’s wise to seek medical attention. Other than using painkillers, proper diagnosis is essential to determine the exact cause of pain. Elite Physical Medicine specializes in providing comprehensive care to relieve your pain and restore your health. The Lawrenceburg herniated disc specialists provide genuine care through personalized treatments for long-term effective results.

The practice devotes itself to offering quality and efficient care to resume your daily activities and improve your life quality. If you are experiencing any pain, visit them today in their offices at Mason, Ohio, and Lawrenceburg, IN., or you can call or book online for an appointment.

What is a herniated disc?

The neck and spine have 33 bones making vertebrae. Each vertebra contains a circular disc made up of flexible and gel-like tissues for protection and proper movement of the spine. A spinal disc has a fibrous outer layer known as the annulus and a center filled with a nucleus gel.

A herniated disc condition destroys the outer annulus causing the nucleus to shift out of the disc center. When this happens, a swelling occurs, putting pressure on your spine’s nerves, causing pain.

Herniated discs can happen to any part of your spine but mostly occurs at your lower back and neck.

Causes of a herniated disc

The annulus tissue loses its stability as you grow old, causing the disc to displace easily. When the annulus weakens, movements such as twisting and bending down may cause a herniated disc. Poor posture leads to the shifting of the nucleus. Other factors that cause herniated disc include:

  •       Spinal injuries
  •       Muscle weakness
  •       Improper lifting
  •       Aging
  •       Genetics
  •       Sedentary lifestyle

Excessive weight and smoking also increase your risk of a herniated disc.

How to know you have a herniated disc?

  •   Back and neck pain
  •   Numbness and tingling
  •   Pain that moves down your arm and leg
  •   Muscle weakness
  •   Pain in your hip, shoulders, foot, or arm
  •   Limited mobility
  •   Recurrent tailbone pain

Herniated disc treatments

The specialists at Elite Physical Medicine create a customized treatment plan for you based on your medical history, the cause of your herniated disc, among other health factors. They offer treatments such as:

  •   Joint injections
  •   Massage therapy
  •   Therapeutic exercise
  •   Chiropractic care
  •   Nerve blocks

The experienced team at Elite Physical Medicine values their patients’ interests and strives to ensure they are comfortable and well cared for whenever on their premises. Usually, their treatment includes a three-step program including immediate pain relief, structural healing, and ongoing maintenance. They guarantee you an outstanding experience and excellent results from their services. Visit them today for your herniated disc treatment and enjoy their incredible gestures.

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