Providing Safe, Effective Vaginal Revitalization Procedures in New York!

Providing Safe, Effective Vaginal Revitalization Procedures in New York!

Pregnancy, aging, and hormonal fluctuations can all impact the function and health of your vaginal tissue. Yakov Levy, MD, is committed to enhancing every part of your life. His office in Queens, Midtown East Manhattan, and Forest Hills, NY, provides non-invasive vaginal revitalization with the groundbreaking FemiLift. To determine how vaginal revitalization in Midtown East can help you and your well-being, call the nearest office or book an appointment online.

What Exactly Is Vaginal Revitalization?

Yakov Levy, MD, PC, provides the non-invasive procedure known as vaginal revitalization. The FemiLift laser technology is utilized by the highly advanced OB/GYN clinic to accomplish vaginal revitalization.

This innovative women’s health device directs mild laser radiation to your vaginal area. The energy quickly stimulates the tissue to tighten and encourages collagen formation, a structural protein, which offers strength and suppleness. Laser therapy also promotes tissue vascularization, which replenishes moisture and aids in the preservation of vaginal health.

What Conditions Are Addressed by Vaginal Revitalization?

Vaginal revitalization is an in-office therapy used by the staff at Yakov Levy, MD, PC, to address a number of practical women’s health issues. The following are some of the prevalent gynecological problems, which benefit from vaginal revitalization:

o   Vaginal laxity.

o   Vaginal dryness.

o   Stress urinary incontinence.

o   Sexual discomfort.

Because of swings in estrogen levels, most women report experiencing changes in vaginal health as they near menopause. The absence of estrogen causes vaginal dryness, which can cause pain during sex. Childbirth can also cause vaginal tissue laxity, which can compromise sexual pleasure.

Emsella®, a pelvic rehabilitation instrument, which improves your vaginal muscles, is also available at the revolutionary OB/GYN office. The experts also use Emsella to address urinary incontinence in conjunction with vaginal revitalization.

If you are suffering from any of these issues, contact Yakov Levy, MD, PC, to discover more regarding vaginal revitalization and how it might help you.

What Can You Expect From Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatments?

Your vaginal revitalization procedures are conducted in the office by the OB/GYN staff. Your OB/GYN specialist introduces the laser device inside your vagina and triggers the gadget to activate the tissue during a FemiLift procedure.

A significant percentage of women withstand the treatment well, and it just takes several minutes. There is no downtime with vaginal revitalization procedures, and you should observe an enhancement in vaginal health shortly following the treatment.

Is It Necessary for You to Have More Than One Vaginal Revitalization Treatment?

During your appointment, Yakov Levy, MD, PC, decides the number of vaginal revitalization procedures you require. The majority of women gain the best from a set of 3 up to 4 sessions with the FemiLift laser device. To preserve your outcomes and vaginal wellness, the doctors might suggest annual treatments.

For over 18 years, Yakov Levy, MD, PC, has delivered personalized OB/GYN care to patients across the New York Community. He utilizes a proven, integrative approach to patient care, concentrating on the patient’s needs rather than what their tests, symptoms, or diagnosis indicate. Arrange an appointment for your vaginal revitalization treatment today through mobile or schedule online.

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