Perfect Deals for the House Selling with the Best Agent

Perfect Deals for the House Selling with the Best Agent

Do you know why when a person decides to sell a house he is so afraid of making a mistake and being scammed? Because he is not an expert in the sector. And it is normal that this is the case. As in all things, when you are inexperienced, the chances of being scammed or subjugated are very high. And, you know, many real estate agents do not enjoy a very good reputation, quite the contrary.

What ids the Reason

This is because unfortunately there are greedy people in the most negative sense of the term, devoid of any professional ethics and whose sole purpose is to “grab as much money as possible”, not caring about those who trusted them, behaving dishonestly and bordering on legality. As you choose the Dowen Estate Agents they can ensure the right deals here.

Alas, the fault (in a small part) is also of the naïve, who do not commit themselves sufficiently in the search for information, blindly trusting the first real estate agent “with the gab” that happens to him. We decided to write this article to bring some clarity and to provide you with a complete method that in just five steps will help you choose the right real estate agent, avoiding you to run into scams, not very honest real estate agents.

Let’s start by doing a bit of order and trying to understand what the first two things are not to do absolutely when you decide to contact a real estate agent. One of the first things a person who wants to sell a house asks the real estate agent is:

“How much do you get in commission?”

The question is legitimate, as a real estate agent’s commissions are not fixed – and therefore the seller has the right to try to negotiate the amount he will pay the agency in the event of the sale of his home.

What you need to know is that this can be really inconvenient. In fact, a real estate agent who accepts an assignment at a lower commission or – even worse – zero commission from the seller … does not guarantee that the amount that will remain in your pocket will be greater than that which would remain by relying on a real estate agent to whom you should pay a larger commission.

Why does this happen?

A real estate agent who works at very low (or zero) commissions will necessarily have to compensate for the loss of income with less effort in the sale of your home for two reasons:

He will concentrate mainly on the sale of those houses whose owners pay him the highest commission, which will allow him to live;

He will not be able to face marketing costs dedicated to promoting the sale of your home only, because the buyer’s commission alone would not allow him to make a profit. So he will limit himself to standard initiatives such as advertising on real estate portals and on his agency’s website.

Consequently, when you want to contact a real estate agent, make sure that the commission is not your parameter of choice.



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